Logo sound of #urbanana, © Tourismus NRw e.V.

About "Sound of #urb­a­nana"

The sound of #urbanana spreads rhythmically across the Autobahn, blows up the asphalt in Krautrock-style and celebrates newcomers in rusty giants. Seventy years of music shaping #urbanana cities range from CAN to Mouse on Mars, from Kraftwerk to Hauschka; as well as from Philipp Boa to Kreator and from Mayday to c/o Pop and Open Source Festival. And who knows, maybe the next generation of icons will be rocking the stage next Saturday.

At night, we can feel the thumping bass in our stomachs and during the day we follow the aura of places and people: Get ready for some musical surprises in the urban jungle of #urbanana and discover new tales of pop history in Düsseldorf, Cologne and the Ruhr area right on site.

Sound of #urbanana: A voyage through pop history and present-day pop  of the West.