A base guitar player at AK47, © Markus Luigs
The "stage" at AK47, © Markus Luigs


In your face

In the middle of the Kiefernstrasse, the heart of the alternative counterculture of Düsseldorf, you’ll find the wildest punk bar in the city - and some say the only one still in existence. Even if the programme now also includes electro and Drum’n’Bass, in the AK47, you’ll mostly hear original punk. Individual concerts as well as punk festivals with international bands, such as “Once Upon a Time in Flingern”, test the load-bearing capacity of the small stage. For anyone wanting to discover Düsseldorf’s wild side, the Kieferstrasse, and the AK47 in particular, is the place to be.

Further Information:
Kieferstrasse 23, 40233 Duesseldorf