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Al­ten­berg Cathed­ral

An im­pos­ing church in Ber­gisches Land

A jour­ney in­to the past: Today Al­ten­berg Cathed­ral, which has stood in the mu­ni­cip­al­ity of Odenth­al since the 13th cen­tury, is a centre for re­li­gious mu­sic.

Surrounded by green meadows and forests, an imposing Christian monument perches atop the western edge of Bergisches Land: Altenberg Cathedral, also known as the Bergisch Cathedral, has stood in the municipality of Odenthal since the 13th century. The Cistercian monastery, part of which was built into the cathedral, dates back as far as the year 1133.

And the impressive Gothic building still holds a record today: the west window, which dates back to around 1400 and contains an image of heavenly Jerusalem, is the largest church window north of the Alps. Apart from the magnificent windows the cathedral is otherwise rather plain, as required by the rules of the Cistercian Order reform movement.

Today the cathedral is used by Catholics and Protestants alike and has also established itself as a centre of religious music. More than a hundred concerts attract countless visitors every year. Inside the church, history buffs have the chance to learn a great deal about the Bergisch aristocratic families of the various dukes and counts, as well as about the long history of the monastery, through the numerous tombs and grave slabs of lay and ecclesiastical princes.

Visitors to Altenberg Cathedral can learn even more on a guided tour through the church. Some are available for free on Saturdays and Sundays. Altenberg Cathedral is also wheelchair accessible, making it an ideal destination for handicapped visitors.


Opening hours:
Daily: 8 am - 6 pm

Further information:
Tours from early February to late December:
Saturday: 11 am
Sunday and public holidays: 1 pm and 3.30 pm


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