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Al­tern­at­ive Work­spaces in #urb­a­nana

Check out #urb­a­nana´s best places for cre­at­ive think­ing

Al­tern­at­ive work­spaces provide the change to as­sert your­self while be­ing out and about and able to ex­change with oth­er cre­at­ive minds.

Al­tern­at­ive work­spaces provide a rem­edy for freel­an­cers and stu­dents alike, long­ing for a change of scenery from the lib­rary or their own four walls that come with the con­stant danger of pro­cras­tin­a­tion. They also sup­ply you with an un­lim­ited ac­cess of caf­fein­ated bever­ages and su­per­foods that will make your brain hum at full ca­pa­city. At the same time, they give you the chance to as­sert your­self and ex­change with oth­er cre­at­ive minds with the be­ne­fit of be­ing out and about and pro­duct­ive at the same time. I have put to­geth­er a list of the cra­zi­est, pret­ti­est, most ex­tra­vag­ant and hippest ones in #urb­a­nana.

Manko Café + Work­space Düs­sel­dorf

Hüt­ten­straße 76, Friedrich­stadt

Mo-Fr 8am - 6pm, Sa 10am - 6pm

The Manko Café in the heart of Friedrich­stadt com­bines a cozy liv­ing room at­mo­sphere with day­light flooded high ceil­ings and green plants. The own­ers Lu­ise and Nat­aly make sure to lead their café sus­tain­ably and fairtrade, by selling cof­fee from schvarz kaf­fee, a Düs­sel­dorf based roast­er and ob­tain­ing their to-go pack­aging from green­box. They fur­ther of­fer yummy, healthy and self-made fresh food (per­son­ally re­com­mend the su­per­bowl), as much free wa­ter as you can drink, blaz­ingly fast wifi and plenty of jacks to spend the whole day here.


Kabü Anna Rü Es­sen

An­nas­traße 51

Mo-Fr 10-7 pm

In the middle of the two hippest dis­tricts in Es­sen ? Rüt­tenscheid and Es­sen Süd ? you will find Kabü Anna Rü. There is much more to that space than what the funny sound­ing ac­ronym of Kaf­fee (=cof­fee) Arbeit­s­platz (=work­space) and Büro (=of­fice) en­tails. Be­side the cozy work­ing at­mo­sphere, a place to ex­change and net­work with oth­er cre­at­ive artists, loc­al pho­to­graph­ers, artists and up-and-com­ing tal­ents have the pos­sib­il­ity to show­case and sell their latest works. The fur­niture in the Kabü can be pur­chased as well and sep­ar­ate rooms for private events and sem­inars can be booked. Since Decem­ber 2017 the Kabü has pub­lished sev­er­al edi­tions of their very own life­style magazine MAG­NET. With more than 100 pages and around 10,000 edi­tions pub­lished every three months it is avail­able for free in se­lec­ted places in the Ruhr area. The MAG­NET provides you with trend­ing cul­tur­al top­ics, grip­ping in­ter­views, star­tups, tips and up­com­ing events.

Kabü: www.kabü.de

MAG­NET: www.mag-net.work


Moltkestraße 2a

Tu-Th 9am - 9pm, Fr 9am - 10pm, Sa 10am - 10pm, Su 10am - 8pm

The café LIVRES ra­di­ates the al­lure of a French book café of which there is not a second one to be found in the Ruhr area. You will find a spot to work, ex­change, read, re­lax and en­joy the unique and cozy at­mo­sphere amidst count­less books. The book­shelves are free for ex­changes, so that you can bring your old books and take home oth­ers. Be­side the reg­u­lar cof­fee house busi­ness the LIVRES of­fers reg­u­lar read­ings, po­etry slams and book launches. Artists have the pos­sib­il­ity to tem­por­ar­ily put their works on dis­play here. Even in the smal­lest room, you will be ex­posed to lit­er­at­ure in the form of au­dio poems that will trig­ger your cre­at­ive thoughts.


Un­per­fek­thaus Es­sen

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18

Mo-Th 7am - 11pm , Fr+Sa 7am - 1am, Su 8am - 11pm

The Un­per­fek­thaus in Es­sen is prob­ably the quir­ki­est loc­a­tion in Es­sen that already catches your eye upon passing it. Even from the out­side it im­presses with its ex­tra­vag­ant fas­sade that comes with a ball run, wind­ing down from top to bot­tom along the bal­conies. It is a café, work­space and hotel alike and can also be used for your very own mu­sic­al de­vel­op­ment. A day tick­et costs 7,90 ? and comes with a flat­rate on bever­ages and their wifi pass­word, it ex­pires upon leav­ing the house. You are wel­come to re­lax in the sev­er­al quiet zones in the house or on the ginorm­ous red easy chair in front of the en­trance. It is def­in­itely worth check­ing out!


Sabor ?Er­moso ? Concept Store Café Köln

Kur­für­sten­straße 1

Tu ? Fr 8am - 6pm, Sa+Su 10a - 5pm

Lean back in the Sabor `Er­moso and be in­spired by the wan­der­lust theme to use the café as a work­space, re­laxed short break or liv­ing room. The de­li­cious cakes are home made and the cof­fee is ob­tained by the loc­al roast­er Heil­andt with reg­u­larly chan­ging guest es­pressi. What bet­ter way is there to work and en­joy your free time than in a place with good vibes like this one? You like what you see so much that you want to take it home? No wor­ries! The Sabor Er­moso is a concept store, mean­ing you can buy everything on dis­play and take it home. For private events, mu­si­cians, ex­hib­it­ors and cre­at­ive vis­ion­ar­ies the neigh­bour­ing La Sala can be booked.

Sabor 'Er­moso: www.saborer­moso.com

La Sala: www.las­ala-koeln.de

Südgold Köln

Tra­jan­str. 33

Mo-Su 7:30am - 5pm

Since April 2018 the Südgold is un­der new own­er­ship and hits the ground run­ning with a broad­er range of products and more space for un­im­peded de­vel­op­ments. Thus be­ing ex­tra stu­dent friendly with reas­on­able prices. A spe­cial high­light in this café is the in­teri­or design with a ma­jor­ity of vin­tage sport equip­ment: ori­gin­al gym floor­ing, a vault as a counter, gym boxes as seats and lamps out of bike tyres are only the most ob­vi­ous designs. You will find many more hid­den gems upon closer in­spec­tion.


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Images and videos

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Manko Café + Workspace, © Annika Bethan
Manko Café + Workspace rear, © Annika Bethan
Café Livres, © Björn Fehl
Café Livres, © Björn Fehl
Unperfekthaus, © Sabrina Schmidt
Unperfekthaus Easy Chair, © Sabrina Schmidt
Sabor 'Ermoso, © Luisa Braas
Sabor 'Ermoso Interior, © Luisa Braas

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