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Al­tern­at­ive Work­spaces in #urb­a­nana

Check out #urb­a­nana´s best places for cre­at­ive think­ing

Al­tern­at­ive work­spaces provide the change to as­sert your­self while be­ing out and about and able to ex­change with oth­er cre­at­ive minds.

Alternative workspaces provide a remedy for freelancers and students alike, longing for a change of scenery from the library or their own four walls that come with the constant danger of procrastination. They also supply you with an unlimited access of caffeinated beverages and superfoods that will make your brain hum at full capacity. At the same time, they give you the chance to assert yourself and exchange with other creative minds with the benefit of being out and about and productive at the same time. I have put together a list of the craziest, prettiest, most extravagant and hippest ones in #urbanana.

Manko Café + Workspace Düsseldorf

Hüttenstraße 76, Friedrichstadt

Mo-Fr 8am - 6pm, Sa 10am - 6pm

The Manko Café in the heart of Friedrichstadt combines a cozy living room atmosphere with daylight flooded high ceilings and green plants. The owners Luise and Nataly make sure to lead their café sustainably and fairtrade, by selling coffee from schvarz kaffee, a Düsseldorf based roaster and obtaining their to-go packaging from greenbox. They further offer yummy, healthy and self-made fresh food (personally recommend the superbowl), as much free water as you can drink, blazingly fast wifi and plenty of jacks to spend the whole day here.


Kabü Anna Rü Essen

Annastraße 51

Mo-Fr 10-7 pm

In the middle of the two hippest districts in Essen – Rüttenscheid and Essen Süd – you will find Kabü Anna Rü. There is much more to that space than what the funny sounding acronym of Kaffee (=coffee) Arbeitsplatz (=workspace) and Büro (=office) entails. Beside the cozy working atmosphere, a place to exchange and network with other creative artists, local photographers, artists and up-and-coming talents have the possibility to showcase and sell their latest works. The furniture in the Kabü can be purchased as well and separate rooms for private events and seminars can be booked. Since December 2017 the Kabü has published several editions of their very own lifestyle magazine MAGNET. With more than 100 pages and around 10,000 editions published every three months it is available for free in selected places in the Ruhr area. The MAGNET provides you with trending cultural topics, gripping interviews, startups, tips and upcoming events.

Kabü: www.kabü.de

MAGNET: www.mag-net.work


Moltkestraße 2a

Tu-Th 9am - 9pm, Fr 9am - 10pm, Sa 10am - 10pm, Su 10am - 8pm

The café LIVRES radiates the allure of a French book café of which there is not a second one to be found in the Ruhr area. You will find a spot to work, exchange, read, relax and enjoy the unique and cozy atmosphere amidst countless books. The bookshelves are free for exchanges, so that you can bring your old books and take home others. Beside the regular coffee house business the LIVRES offers regular readings, poetry slams and book launches. Artists have the possibility to temporarily put their works on display here. Even in the smallest room, you will be exposed to literature in the form of audio poems that will trigger your creative thoughts.


Unperfekthaus Essen

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18

Mo-Th 7am - 11pm , Fr+Sa 7am - 1am, Su 8am - 11pm

The Unperfekthaus in Essen is probably the quirkiest location in Essen that already catches your eye upon passing it. Even from the outside it impresses with its extravagant fassade that comes with a ball run, winding down from top to bottom along the balconies. It is a café, workspace and hotel alike and can also be used for your very own musical development. A day ticket costs 7,90 € and comes with a flatrate on beverages and their wifi password, it expires upon leaving the house. You are welcome to relax in the several quiet zones in the house or on the ginormous red easy chair in front of the entrance. It is definitely worth checking out!


Sabor ‘Ermoso – Concept Store Café Köln

Kurfürstenstraße 1

Tu – Fr 8am - 6pm, Sa+Su 10a - 5pm

Lean back in the Sabor `Ermoso and be inspired by the wanderlust theme to use the café as a workspace, relaxed short break or living room. The delicious cakes are home made and the coffee is obtained by the local roaster Heilandt with regularly changing guest espressi. What better way is there to work and enjoy your free time than in a place with good vibes like this one? You like what you see so much that you want to take it home? No worries! The Sabor Ermoso is a concept store, meaning you can buy everything on display and take it home. For private events, musicians, exhibitors and creative visionaries the neighbouring La Sala can be booked.

Sabor 'Ermoso: www.saborermoso.com

La Sala: www.lasala-koeln.de

Südgold Köln

Trajanstr. 33

Mo-Su 7:30am - 5pm

Since April 2018 the Südgold is under new ownership and hits the ground running with a broader range of products and more space for unimpeded developments. Thus being extra student friendly with reasonable prices. A special highlight in this café is the interior design with a majority of vintage sport equipment: original gym flooring, a vault as a counter, gym boxes as seats and lamps out of bike tyres are only the most obvious designs. You will find many more hidden gems upon closer inspection.


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Images and videos

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Manko Café + Workspace, © Annika Bethan
Manko Café + Workspace rear, © Annika Bethan
Café Livres, © Björn Fehl
Café Livres, © Björn Fehl
Unperfekthaus, © Sabrina Schmidt
Unperfekthaus Easy Chair, © Sabrina Schmidt
Sabor 'Ermoso, © Luisa Braas
Sabor 'Ermoso Interior, © Luisa Braas

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