Archiv für populäre Musik im Ruhrgebiet e.V., © Ole Löding

Archiv für pop­uläre Mu­sik im Ruhrge­biet e.V.

Cheers to the pas­sion­ate col­lect­ors

On Nollendorfplatz, in the rooms of the old welfare building of the Minister Stein colliery in Dortmund-Eving, there is a paradise for music fans and music historians. Here, Hans Schreiber and Richard Ortmann manage the archive for popular music in the Ruhr region. Since the archive was founded ten years ago, they have collected an incredible quantity of sound recordings, films, photos, books, magazines, programme booklets, posters and other memorabilia. The archive has over 80,000 collectors’ items, including many unreleased concert recordings. Awarded the music venue prize by the German Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in 2015, the archive for popular music in the Ruhr region also organises exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures, readings, forums, conferences and, above all, concerts. The archive website contains information on all events. Here, you can also register to visit the archive for a tour by the two music experts.

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Nollendorfpl. 2, 44339 Dortmund