Historische Arbeit mit dem Pferdepflug, © Klaus Stange

Ber­gisches Land for fam­il­ies

Reser­voirs, dis­cov­ery trails and secret worlds

Our tips for fam­ily days out in Ber­gisches Land: Un­spoilt nat­ur­al land­scapes wait­ing to be dis­covered, with a fairy-tale forest and a mon­key park among the at­trac­tions.

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Ad­ven­tures amid un­tamed nature

The un­spoilt nat­ur­al land­scape of Ber­gisches Land has al­ways been a draw for hikers and cyc­lists, but it also provides great op­por­tun­it­ies for young­er fam­ily mem­bers to have fun in the great out­doors. The re­gion is known for its dams and reser­voirs, which as well as glint­ing pret­tily in the sun­shine also make ideal activ­ity des­tin­a­tions for fam­il­ies. The pop­u­lar Bever and Bruch­er reser­voirs have fa­cil­it­ies for swim­ming, sail­ing, row­ing, ped­alo boat­ing, fish­ing and diving. And for those who prefer to stay on dry land, there is plenty of space to re­lax, play ball games or simply run about. Life­guard-at­ten­ded bathing beaches provide peace of mind for wa­ter safety. The more ad­ven­tur­ous, on the oth­er hand, can find re plenty of idyll­ic, isol­ated spots between the trees to en­joy a dip in the wa­ter.

A nature walk is al­ways a fun ad­ven­ture for kids ? and there are plenty of ex­cit­ing things to dis­cov­er in Ber­gisches Land! Sev­er­al nature dis­cov­ery trails in­vite fam­il­ies to learn more about loc­al plants and an­im­als as well as the land­scape of the re­gion. The Königs­forst soil type dis­cov­ery trail, for in­stance, takes in six sta­tions where chil­dren and their par­ents can learn about dif­fer­ent soil types ran­ging from wind-borne sand to peat. Then there is the Milch­weg (milk trail), which fo­cuses on the theme of milk­ing cows and the dairy in­dustry of Ber­gisches Land. Guided tours of­fer­ing chil­dren and adults the chance to hear in­ter­est­ing in­form­a­tion and stor­ies about rur­al and sylvan life or take part in hands-on activ­it­ies are avail­able at the Ober­berg bio­lo­gic­al field sta­tion, among oth­er places.

Secret worlds

In some places, the ex­traordin­ary nat­ur­al beauty of Ber­gisches Land is hid­den ? all the bet­ter for young dis­cover­ers to ex­plore. A vis­it to one of the re­gion?s show caves will be a treat for older kids in par­tic­u­lar. Fam­il­ies will love the guided tours of Ag­ger­tal Cave and Wiehl Cave with their nat­ur­ally-formed sculp­tures and at­mo­sphere of be­ing in a secret, ro­mantic world.

An­oth­er secret world ideal for fam­il­ies awaits in the fairy-tale forest of Märch­en­wald Al­ten­berg. Here, vis­it­ors take a short fairy-tale-themed path through the trees and pass by quaint little houses telling the story of 18 of Grimm?s Fairy Tales. In this forest, Cinder­ella lives al­most next door to Little Red Rid­ing Hood and the Frog Prince ? with all char­ac­ters won­der­fully brought to life thanks to mod­ern tech­no­logy. A push­chair-ac­cess­ible path en­sures that the littlest fam­ily mem­bers don?t miss out.

Mon­key park and open-air mu­seum

There is no zoo in Ber­gisches Land be­cause there is one nearby in the city of Wup­per­tal (Ber­gisch Three). There is, how­ever, a place where vis­it­ors can have en­ter­tain­ing en­coun­ters with furry and feathered friends: the mon­key and bird park in Eck­en­ha­gen. The park is home to as many as 180 dif­fer­ent spe­cies of mon­keys and birds. The squir­rel mon­key en­clos­ure is one of the biggest at­trac­tions. Here, the mon­keys not only swing from tree to tree but also like to sit on vis­it­ors? heads or shoulders. There are also many col­our­fully feathered birds to ad­mire ? from pink flamin­gos to mag­ni­fi­cent pheas­ants and para­keets to the talk­ing sul­phur-cres­ted cock­a­too. A roughly three-kilo­metre-long cir­cu­lar walk leads through the park. There is also a moun­tain rail­way which might come in handy if the hilly path proves too long for fam­il­ies with young kids.

A hilly trail tak­ing in mead­ows and fields also passes through the Ber­gisches Frei­licht­mu­seum Lind­lar open-air mu­seum. Here, a num­ber of Ber­gisch houses have been faith­fully re­con­struc­ted to give vis­it­ors an idea of what life was like for coun­try folk in the 19th and 20th cen­tur­ies. For the kids, there is also an ex­cit­ing mu­seum tour and an en­vir­on­ment­al work­shop with lots of in­ter­est­ing facts to dis­cov­er about waste, re­cyc­ling, tex­tiles and wa­ter.

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Historische Arbeit mit dem Pferdepflug, © Klaus Stange

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