The Bermuda3Eck at daytime, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Ber­muda3Eck Haupt­platz

Here, you'll meet the in-crowd, hungry and party people

Since the 1980s, the Bermuda3Eck has been THE night spot in Bochum. More than 80 bars, cafés and restaurants make this corner of the city a whirlwind of hip, hungry, thirsty, party-loving visitors. One special feature is the tables and chairs that most of the venues have outside the door. As a result, the action takes place on the street, and on some evenings, the Bermuda3Eck feels like an enormous open-air party. Pamela Falcon describes her first experience of this special place: “On my first night in Bochum, all the kids asked me at the same time: Have you been in the city? Have you experienced the city? You have to come with us! I came to the Bermuda3Eck, the city was full, it was the end of the summer, and everyone was sitting outside, and all I could think was: I’m in the right place! I can make music here!”

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Bermudadreieck, 44787 Bochum


The Bermuda3Eck at night, © Jule Körber
Art at the underground station of Bermuda3Eck, © Ole Löding