The record store Black Plastic, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Black Plastic

Live on the spot in the re­cord store

The Unionviertel, the “creative quarter” at the Dortmunder U, is a wonderland for music fans. Next to the Dortmunder U and the FZW in the Ritterstrasse, or the great Marlene Bar, this is where you’ll find the most exciting record stores in the city, Idiots Records and, for a few years now, Black Plastic, which is almost directly opposite. Here, there’s only vinyl available, most of it second hand, including a large number of rarities or special recordings. In a separate compartment, you can discover the new releases from local Dortmund bands. Black Plastic also hosts small shop concerts with increasing frequency. The shop is also a co-organiser of the Junkyard Open Air event.

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Rheinische Str. 31, 44137 Dortmund