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The blogs of #urb­a­nana

end­less dis­cov­er­ies in the triple met­ro­pol­is

Saun­ter­ing, pho­to­graph­ing, dis­cuss­ing... In the urb­an jungle of the west, Mole­skine counts for more than a ma­chete, as our blog­gers prove. Here, you can read what they have dis­covered and cel­eb­rated in #urb­a­nana

Sab­rina go­ing #urb­a­nana

From the ode to the "Büd­chen" to the re­gion's best photo-spots: Sab­rina has provided words and pic­tures from #urb­a­nana's finest for a year. The girl from Lippstadt knows her way around NRW - she has lived in the Ruhr Area as well as in Düs­sel­dorf what makes her a true #urb­a­nana-con­nais­seur.


Hid­den Co­logne

Hid­den Co­logne might not go where it hurts. Away from the sur­face, how­ever, it does take us un­der­ground in­to the depths of design, mu­sic and cuisine. A magazine en­tirely to our taste, which val­ues ques­tion­able façades and the sur­pris­ing fa­cets be­hind them.
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Konter­mag is four times cool. The Ruhr jew­els of Dortmund, Bo­chum, Es­sen and Duis­burg por­trayed in a noisy rather than shiny way. The Ruhr Area is where Wil­helm Lehm­bruck looks out with his curry­wurst saus­age over dis­used smelt­ing fur­naces on the Ruhr river. Take a look at Konter­mag for yourselves - we highly re­com­mend it.
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The Dorf The Mag

The blog-turned-magazine has the right stuff for trouble­makers. Eureka mo­ments so strik­ing that we want to shout it out of the win­dow. The Dorf takes us with it in­to court­yard gal­ler­ies or through the night with party­ing de­sign­ers. Nat­ur­ally, there are also tips for where to get the best cof­fee, and the events cal­en­dar is enough to get you nervous. So much to do, so much to see!
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Urb­an CGN blog

If there?s one thing in Co­logne that is holy, its the kiosk. However, eat­ing and drink­ing are be­com­ing more of a fea­ture at street food mar­kets, along­side huge mur­als, and are a pop­u­lar des­tin­a­tion after a stroll through the trendy dis­trict with a high dens­ity of own­er-man­aged shops.  For more in­form­a­tion, and for more tips that you won?t find in any guide­book, go to this blog: blog.koel­n­tour­is­mus.de


The Link 

Any cof­fee left? The Ber­lin ar­chi­tec­ture magazine The Link pays a vis­it to #urb­a­nana and takes a close look. On its ar­chi­tec­ture road trip through North Rhine-West­phalia, the magazine dis­cov­ers and re­dis­cov­ers the sac­red and the vis­ion­ary, the pro­vin­cial and the in­dus­tri­al. The res­ult is photo es­says, in­ter­views and texts on the strange fea­tures of daily ar­chi­tec­tur­al life. For more, go to: