Bookmile Düsseldorf, © Sabrina Schmidt

Book­mile Düs­sel­dorf

Book­lovers unite!

On three week­ends this year, the Rheinufer Prom­en­ade is solely ded­ic­ated to the book­worms amongst us. What bet­ter way is there to en­joy a week­end day than brows­ing through cen­tur­ies of lit­er­at­ure whilst strolling along the pic­tur­esque Rhine?

Dates:  March 30-31, July 27-28, September 21-22


About 60 booksellers, second-hand bookshops and collectors gather from the entire region to provide a potpourri of unique, long-lost favorites, bargains and old and new books for young and old alike in many different languages. Beside the whole array of books, a wide range of games, old maps, postcards and illustrated books are waiting to change their owners as well. Norbert Schulte creates a fitting mood with melodic piano sounds and “La Maison de Bacchus” offers French culinary highlights. A free service to have your own books evaluated is offered as well.

Take in the unique scent of second-hand books, meet like-minded people and don’t forget your tote bag to bring home all the great bargains you made!

This event is also a great opportunity to check out surrounding attractions. Have a look at the KIT to experience its latest exhibitions underground. Walk around the Altstadt for food and drinks or further shopping or enjoy a drink with a view at the Kassematten. From there, take one of the many regular cruises with the Köln-Düsseldorfer or the Weiße Flotte. Everything is in the vicinity of the book mile.

For more information see the links below.


KIT: www.kunst-im-tunnel.de

Köln-Düsseldorfer: www.k-d.com

Weißte Flotte:www.w-flotte.de

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Bookmile Düsseldorf, © Sabrina Schmidt
Bookmile Düsseldorf, © Sabrina Schmidt

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