Veranstaltung #urbanana

Do­ing busi­ness in #urb­a­nana

Cre­at­ive scenes in North Rhine-West­phalia

The stor­ies of cre­at­ive people start­ing and fol­low­ing their ca­reers in #urb­a­nana are as in­di­vidu­al as the char­ac­ters ly­ing be­hind.

The team transforming the water tower of a railway station in Oberhausen to the art space kitev came from Berlin for a project and stayed because they fell in love with this strange building. Chilli Gonzales visited Cologne for music and still lives here. Others came for their studies, for love, for jobs, for a city break – and some for the special flair of Düsseldorf or Muenster. What many new inhabitants share is a memory of a surprising moment when they realized the attraction of this polycentric city cluster that is forming much of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the moment when it somehow strangely felt like home.

Coming as guests – staying for business 

But also from a business perspective North Rhine-Westphalia is a good choice. Accounting for €36 billion in revenue and employing 340,000 people in 52,000 businesses, the creative industries rank fourth in the state’s economy. A strong manufacturing industry as well as a population of nearly 18 million is making up a large potential customer base, a very high standard of city life quality (just ask expats about Düsseldorf) and perfect connections to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and to almost everywhere in the world are just some more pros for NRW. CREATIVE.NRW is the network of creative professionals in North Rhine-Westphalia serving employees, companies, freelancers, institutions, and municipalities. As a center of expertise, it provides contacts, knowledge and a wide range of information. CREATIVE.NRW builds bridges in between the creative industries and with other sectors by initiating projects and cooperations.

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