Veranstaltung #urbanana

Do­ing busi­ness in #urb­a­nana

Cre­at­ive scenes in North Rhine-West­phalia

The stor­ies of cre­at­ive people start­ing and fol­low­ing their ca­reers in #urb­a­nana are as in­di­vidu­al as the char­ac­ters ly­ing be­hind.

The team trans­form­ing the wa­ter tower of a rail­way sta­tion in Ober­hausen to the art space kitev came from Ber­lin for a pro­ject and stayed be­cause they fell in love with this strange build­ing. Chilli Gonzales vis­ited Co­logne for mu­sic and still lives here. Oth­ers came for their stud­ies, for love, for jobs, for a city break ? and some for the spe­cial flair of Düs­sel­dorf or Muen­ster. What many new in­hab­it­ants share is a memory of a sur­pris­ing mo­ment when they real­ized the at­trac­tion of this poly­centric city cluster that is form­ing much of North Rhine-West­phalia (NRW), the mo­ment when it some­how strangely felt like home.

Com­ing as guests ? stay­ing for busi­ness 

But also from a busi­ness per­spect­ive North Rhine-West­phalia is a good choice. Ac­count­ing for ?36 bil­lion in rev­en­ue and em­ploy­ing 340,000 people in 52,000 busi­nesses, the cre­at­ive in­dus­tries rank fourth in the state?s eco­nomy. A strong man­u­fac­tur­ing in­dustry as well as a pop­u­la­tion of nearly 18 mil­lion is mak­ing up a large po­ten­tial cus­tom­er base, a very high stand­ard of city life qual­ity (just ask ex­pats about Düs­sel­dorf) and per­fect con­nec­tions to France, Bel­gi­um, the Neth­er­lands and to al­most every­where in the world are just some more pros for NRW. CRE­AT­IVE.NRW is the net­work of cre­at­ive pro­fes­sion­als in North Rhine-West­phalia serving em­ploy­ees, com­pan­ies, freel­an­cers, in­sti­tu­tions, and mu­ni­cip­al­it­ies. As a cen­ter of ex­pert­ise, it provides con­tacts, know­ledge and a wide range of in­form­a­tion. CRE­AT­IVE.NRW builds bridges in between the cre­at­ive in­dus­tries and with oth­er sec­tors by ini­ti­at­ing pro­jects and co­oper­a­tions. 


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