Karneval Köln, © Dieter Jacobi, Köln Tourismus GmbH

Car­ni­val: 2022 sea­son

Kisses, sweets and tie-cut­ting

There is al­ways plenty go­ing on across North Rhine-West­phalia dur­ing the Car­ni­val. To help you keep track of events, you will find a se­lec­tion of the high­lights tak­ing place across North Rhine-West­phalia dur­ing the Car­ni­val sea­son 2022 here. Be­fore vis­it­ing the ven­ue, please check the or­gan­iser­s' web­sites to see if there are any changes to the dates. Here you will usu­ally also find in­form­a­tion on the rules of con­duct, ac­cess and hy­giene pre­cau­tions.

Cologne: The Great Carnival Classic

One of the largest and most famous carnival events world-wide, the Cologne Carnival or “Fastelovend”, as it is called in the Cologne dialect, is almost as old as the city itself. However, the Cologne “Jecken”, a synonym for carnival lovers, only started to organise their celebrations in the current manner about 190 years ago. From the launch on 11 November to the end of the carnival season on Ash Wednesday, a greater number of carnival societies and district communities are celebrating together again in meetings and parades this year. Under the motto of “Alles hät sing Zick” (everything needs some time), carnival participants are finally brought back together for the 2021/2022 season. Different events are filled with songs from Cologne, skits, dances, and sketches. The foolish business will come to its climax on the Carnival Monday parade on 28 February 2022. 
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Düsseldorf: Into the New Season with the Hoppeditz

Düsseldorf is planning to have the most normal season possible after a year’s break. Under the motto of “We Celebrate Life”, it brings back the Hoppeditz, who traditionally makes his appearance at the start of the season. The Carnival Monday parade will take place in May next year. 

Bonn: Bützje from the Laundry Princess

The great weekend is preceded by the Weiberfastnacht on Thursday, when the men in all carnival strongholds need to tread carefully and keep their silence. They forfeit both power and parts of their ties, in the best case receiving a “Bützje” (kiss) in return. The tradition originates in Bonn, where the Bonn-Beuel washerwomen joined forces to participate in the previously all-male carnival in 1824. To this day, the storming of the town hall by the laundry princess not only launches the street carnival, but also serves as one of Bonn’s main attractions. If things go well, it will be brought back on 24 February 2022.

Aachen Specialises in Children’s Carnival

The Aachen children’s carnival has a long tradition, with a children’s costume parade taking place on Carnival Sunday since times before World War II. The parade is expected to be out again on 27 February 2022. All carnivalists around consider the Carnival Monday parade the highlight of their year and are greatly looking forward to it. 


Images and videos

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Rosenmontagszug in Aachen, © www.medien.aachen.de - Andreas Herrmann
Der Bonner Rosenmontagszug vor dem Alten Rathaus, © Michael Sondermann
Düsseldorf Altweiberfastnacht
Garde am Karnevalszug Köln, © J. Rieger, Köln - Festkomitee Kölner Karneval
Düsseldorf Rosenmontagszug, © DMT
Karnevalszug in Köln - Garde Tanzpaar, © J. Rieger, Köln - Festkomitee Kölner Karneval
Spektakuläre Wagen gehören zu den Karnevalsumzügen dazu, wie hier in Attendorn, © Andrea Vollmert