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Club Bahnhof Ehren­feld

How cool is this?!

Un­der­neath the S-Bahn urb­an rail­way sta­tion, the CBE hosts con­certs, parties, flea mar­kets, po­etry slams, ex­hib­i­tions and re­cord fairs un­der three of the arches in the sub-cul­tur­al, multi-cul­tur­al Ehren­feld quarter. Since 2010, in­sider fa­vour­ites and big names on the club scene have ap­peared here, from the New York Blue Note star Robert Glasper to the sing­er Aus­tra from Canada or Ghost­poet from Lon­don. The fo­cus is on al­tern­at­ive black mu­sic of all genres, mak­ing this the place to go every week if you love jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, house, salsa, Lat­in jazz, reg­gae or blues. ?Ra­dio Sabor? is a fam­ous Lat­in party or­gan­ised by the CBE, and it?s al­ways full.

The club does­n't stick to ri­gid prin­ciples, which is why it?s al­ways worth tak­ing a look at the pro­gramme. This was also made pos­sible thanks to the sup­port of the loc­al res­id­ents; with the help of a crowd­fund­ing pro­ject, ?Your Urb­an Club of Arts? (YUCA), was opened un­der the third sta­tion arch. Here, smal­ler con­certs can be staged, new­comers can be sup­por­ted, and there is also space for lar­ger parties. Since the con­cert space is sep­ar­ate from the foy­er, the CBE of­fers a re­laxed at­mo­sphere for high-en­ergy con­certs. The area with the bar and gal­lery of­fers guests a space to take time out, take a re­laxed look at the mer­chand­ise on of­fer, buy a drink and sit out­side in the beer garden to smoke. They can then re-enter the con­cert fray at any time after top­ping up their en­ergy levels. The loc­a­tion dir­ectly un­der the sta­tion means that the events are easy to reach for a col­our­ful, cre­at­ive audi­ence from all over North Rhine-West­phalia. For the loc­al dis­trict and for Co­logne as a whole and bey­ond, the club is be­com­ing a place where ex­per­i­ment­a­tion is still pos­sible.

Fur­ther in­form­a­tion:
Bartho­lomäus-Schink-Straße 67, 50825 Co­logne


Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Auftritt, © Ole Löding
The atmosphere at CBE, © Ole Löding

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