Monastery Gardens Route, © I. Jansen, Kulturland Kreis Höxter

In­sider tips - Cyc­ling

On a cyc­ling tour of dis­cov­ery

We have some more sur­prises on of­fer: our in­sider tips for cyc­lists of­fer new views and in­sights - in­to Ro­man his­tory, in­dus­tri­al cul­ture amd rur­al idylls. Simply get on your bike and cycle off - the tours are there wait­ing for you!

Have you already cycled the Ven­n­bahn route from Aachen to Bel­gi­um and Lux­em­bourg via Mon­schau, and do you know every palace along the 100 Palaces Route in the Mün­ster­land re­gion like the back of your hand? Then it's time for our in­sider tips for cyc­lists in Your NRW. The Wa­ter Palaces Route, for ex­ample, travels along the edge of the Eifel re­gion and the ?Köl­ner Bucht? through the re­gion that boasts the largest num­ber of wa­ter palaces and castles in Europe. The 470-kilo­metre route passes 120 castles and palaces, as well as vari­ous his­tor­ic town centres, mon­as­ter­ies and mills.

Flamin­gos in the wild

Dur­ing the spring and sum­mer, the Flamingo Route in the Mün­ster­land re­gion is a spe­cial in­sider tip for cyc­lists. Even if new­comers might not be­lieve it, the tour really does lead to flamin­gos. These long-legged birds have made the Zwill­brock­er Venn fen­lands their home, mak­ing them Europe?s north­ern­most flamingo breed­ing colony. Usu­ally they can be seem from March to Ju­ly, and in suc­cess­ful breed­ing years un­til Septem­ber, and can be ob­served par­tic­u­larly well from tur­rets spe­cially built for the pur­pose. The en­tire round cyc­ling route ex­tends over 450 kilo­metres, and like all cycle paths in the Mün­ster­land re­gion passes al­most solely through the plains, mak­ing it easy for less well-trained cyc­lists. As well as the flamin­gos, the route also of­fers at­tract­ive towns and vil­lages, palaces and stately homes.


A great des­tin­a­tion for nature fans is the Bis­lich­er In­sel is­land near Xanten. The nature re­serve is one of the last wa­ter mead­ow land­scapes in Ger­many, of­fer­ing a home to nu­mer­ous kinds of birds and rare wa­ter plants. Cyc­lists can fol­low the 2.5 kilo­metre-long trail across the is­land. A bi­cycle ferry also stops close by, al­low­ing the tour to be com­bined with oth­er tours on the Lower Rhine.

By bike through the city

For people who prefer an urb­an en­vir­on­ment, one op­tion is the Bundes­vier­tel-Route, or gov­ern­ment­al dis­trict route, through Bonn. With its 20-kilo­metre length, it is ideal for a day trip - par­tic­u­larly since there?s still enough time to vis­it one of the many mu­seums or simply en­joy the cosy flair of this beau­ti­ful city on the Rhine. The route it­self con­nects nu­mer­ous in­ter­est­ing, his­tor­ic loc­a­tions that have played a part in the Fed­er­al Re­pub­lic of Ger­many past and present, such as the of­fi­cial Bonn res­id­ence of the Fed­er­al Chan­cel­lor and the Pres­id­ent, the Pal­ais Schaum­burg and the Villa Ham­mer­schmidt.


Here, you?ll find more in­sider tips for cyc­lists. Choose your route and ex­plore Your NRW by bike.

balkantrasse-die-bergischen-drei, © Die Bergischen Drei

Balkan­trasse Cycle Path

On the tracks of the Balkan Ex­press rail­way

A con­veni­ent way to see the sights: the Balkan­trasse leads cyc­lists to the Rhine low­lands along a dis­used rail­way line.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Waterfront break at the Möhnetal, © Sauerland Tourismus Stratmann

Möhne Val­ley Cycle Path

Flat cyc­ling ter­rain through Sauer­land

While cyc­ling through Sauer­land is gen­er­ally de­mand­ing, the flat Möh­net­al-Rad­weg (Möhne Val­ley Cycle Path), which fol­lows a for-mer rail­way track, is not so.

Level of difficulty: easy

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Abteigaerten © I. Jansen Kulturland Kreis Hoexter, © I. Jansen Kulturland Kreis Hoexter

Mon­as­tery Gar­dens Route

A tour of mon­as­tery gar­dens in­clud­ing Schloss Cor­vey

Dis­cov­er me­di­ev­al secrets on a cyc­ling tour of mon­as­tery gar­dens in­clud­ing Schloss Cor­vey and the Wil­low Palace in Rheder.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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River Eder Floodplains Cycle Path - grand tour, © Reiner Schild

River Eder Cycle Path

The en­tire length of the Eder from the source in the Rothaarge­birge

With no ma­jor as­cents, the River Eder Cycle Path is ideal for fam­il­ies and leis­ure cyc­lists.

Level of difficulty: easy

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Water Quintet in the land of dams, © Volker Barthel

Wa­ter Quin­tet Cycle Path

Five reser­voirs on one cycle route

Low-gradi­ent rail­way lines al­low cyc­lists to dis­cov­er Ber­gisches Land at a leis­urely pace. The Wa­ter Quin­tet Cycle Path re­wards cy-clists with beau­ti­ful views.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Discover the castle Linnep in Ratingen by bike, © KME M.Chardin

Dis­cov­er Rat­in­gen by bike

Tex­tile mu­seum, palaces and castles

Palaces and castles, his­tor­ic old towns and tran­quil nat­ur­al land-scapes – Rat­in­gen has it all. Cyc­lists al­ways have something new to dis­cov­er on a choice of themed routes.

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Der Aasee in Münster, © Ralf Emmerich / Münster Marketing

Re­laxed cyc­ling in Mün­ster­land

A cyc­ling net­work of paths and zones

Cyc­ling by num­bers in Mün­ster­land: this mostly flat net­work of cycle paths of­fers good sign­post­ing, a wide range of places to eat and many in­ter­est­ing sights.

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Blick auf die Niers, © Kreis Viersen

River Niers Cycle Path

A re­lax­ing route for leis­ure cyc­lists and fam­il­ies

An ideal cycle route for fam­il­ies and leis­ure cyc­lists: ex­plor­ing the en­tire length of the River Niers as it winds through the Lower Rhine re­gion.

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Um weiterzufahren, muss man mit der Fähre auf die andere Seite transportiert werden, © Lippefähre Dorsten

Ro­man Lippe Route

Cyc­ling in the tracks of the Ro­mans

Themed cycle routes along the River Lippe: from Det­mold through the Ruhr Area as far as the Lower Rhine, cyc­lists can take a wa­ter-themed tour or fol­low the tracks of the Ro­mans.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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