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Eat your way through Ehren­feld, Co­logne

Strolling, shop­ping, eat­ing: Ehren­feld has it all

Co­logne is a city filled with mod­ern shops, unique cof­fee boutiques, urb­an street stalls and de­li­cious in­ter­na­tion­al cuisine. But, where do you go when you want it all in one stop? Ehren­feld.

Cologne as an entire city is quite an impressive urban location to visit in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is easy to immerse yourself in the rich history of Cologne while exploring, but you might be even more surprised when you start exploring the local, more urban areas of the city.

Cologne is a city filled with modern shops, unique coffee boutiques, urban street stalls and delicious international cuisine. But, where do you go when you want it all in one stop?  Ehrenfeld.

Ehrenfeld is a bustling, cultural and alternative neighborhood to live, shop and hang-out with friends. From morning until… well, morning… there is always something going on in Ehrenfeld. How about I run you through a perfect day around town?

Breakfast at Café Sehnsucht

Café Sehnsucht is a favorite among locals in Ehrenfeld. Why? Because they’re all about slow food. At Café Sehnsucht they’re all about local produce, simple food and cooking within the season so that you have the freshest, most delicious meal possible. What’s better than organic eggs and homemade jam?

Shop Along Venloer Straße

If you’re keen on shopping for a couple hours, you should head to Ehrenfeld’s Venloer Straße. Venloer Straße runs through the entire district and is filled with different shops, banks, and restaurants. If you’re interested in some unique local boutique shops try checking out shops like rock-it-baby (women’s designer fashion), Utensil (upcycled household items) or MerkWürdig (local art and handicrafts).

Lunch at Bunte Burger  

Ehrenfeld is also well known for their Street Food Festival that takes place at Helios 37 and is packed with street food from around the world. If you’re lucky enough to be exploring Ehrenfeld during the festival dates, then this will be the place to go. If not, well, there are still many street food restaurants to choose from, like a local favorite, Bunte Burger for vegetarian and vegan burgers.

Relax or Stroll Along the Green Belt

If you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped and fed your hunger cravings, it’s time for a little relaxation. There are many green areas around Ehrenfeld that are within a short walking distance like the Innerer Grüngürtel (Green Belt) or Leo-Amann-Park.

Dinner at Haus Scholzen

Are you ready for a delicious and hearty Cologne dinner to end the day? At Restaurant Haus Scholzen, they serve up daily dishes that are both local and seasonal. You know what that means? That you can keep coming back for more and you’ll always find something new, fresh and delicious on the menu.

Drinks in Ehrenfeld

You can head to the Live Music Hall for a live music performance and some beers if you’re really keen on keeping the night young, or you can head to a local bar like Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld for a couple cocktails to end the evening.

It will certainly be a jam-packed day, but I don’t doubt that you’ll be back for more the next day and the day after that.

Happy exploring!


Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf

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