Schokoladentafeln im Kölner Schokoladenmuseum, © Tourismus NRW / Ralph Sondermann

De­light­ful Christ­mas mar­kets

En­joy some del­ic­acies that taste like Christ­mas

Mulled wine and toasted al­monds are some of the stand­ard treats on of­fer at any Christ­mas mar­ket. In North Rhine-West­phalia, there are also sev­er­al spe­cial del­ic­acies for sale.

An ab­so­lute must in the run-up to Christ­mas is the Aachen­er Printe ginger­bread, which is eaten all year round in Aachen, but which is sent all over the world dur­ing the Ad­vent peri­od. In a show bakery in the centre of the Christ­mas mar­ket, vis­it­ors can watch the Aachen na­tion­al del­ic­acy be­ing made. Covered with dark or milk chocol­ate, hard or soft, with al­monds or sug­ar coat­ing, there?s a Printe for every taste. If you like sa­voury dishes, the Aachen Christ­mas liv­er saus­age is not to be missed. It has been pro­duced since the 19th cen­tury and de­pend­ing on the butcher?s re­cipe, is re­fined with nuts, lin­gon­ber­ries and clas­sic winter spices. The Aachen Cathed­ral li­queur and spe­ci­al­it­ies from the Eifel re­gion round off the culin­ary de­lights on of­fer at the Aachen Christ­mas mar­ket, which runs from 22 Novem­ber to 23 Decem­ber all around Aachen Cathed­ral and the his­tor­ic city hall, and which is reg­u­larly ranked among the top ten Europe?s Best Christ­mas Mar­kets.



On 25 Novem­ber 2019, the vari­ous Co­logne Christ­mas mar­kets will then be opened, with dif­fer­ent themes. All around Co­logne Cathed­ral, vis­it­ors can sample Cathed­ral Speku­la­ti­us bis­cuits, Kölsche Rievkooche (potato pan­cakes), mus­tard from the Mon­schau mill in the Eifel re­gion, and of course, Kölsch beer, as well as the Aachen­er Prin­ten ginger­bread. On the Al­ter Markt square, you can go on a jour­ney to the home­land of the fam­ous Hein­zel fig­ures, see tra­di­tion­al hand­craf­ted goods and watch them be­ing made. In a sweets factor­iy, sweets are cut from a hot sug­ar mass, while there?s also fresh nou­gat to try, taken from lumps weigh­ing around sev­en kilos.


Schloss Tür­nich palace of­fers sweets taken from nature

Sweet nat­ur­al de­lights, which are also al­most 100 per­cent or­gan­ic, are on of­fer at the Christ­mas mar­ket in Schloss Tür­nich palace in Ker­pen, which will be held for the first time over three week­ends in Decem­ber. On the palace is­land against the back­ground of the stately home, and in the stables of the his­tor­ic court­yard grounds, pre­serves from home-grown pro­duce, home-made drinks and arts and crafts will be on sale.


Schloss Lo­ersfeld palace in Ker­pen, which with its ten-hec­tare Eng­lish land­scape park and gour­met res­taur­ant is worth a vis­it at any time of the year, will of­fer an ad­di­tion­al reas­on for lov­ers of good food to make the trip from 20 to 22 Decem­ber 2019. The goose liv­er ter­rine, which is made es­pe­cially for the oc­ca­sion, at­tracts vis­it­ors to the palace Christ­mas mar­ket from far and wide. 


Hand crafts for the eye and pal­ate

Prin­ten ginger­bread and tra­di­tion­al baked goods from the mu­seum oven make vis­it­ors? mouths wa­ter in the LVR Open Air Mu­seum Kom­mern. Dur­ing ?Ad­vent für alle Sinne? (?Ad­vent for all your senses?) on 30 Novem­ber and 1 Decem­ber 2019, the old Ad­vent house­hold activ­it­ies will be brought back to life, in­clud­ing bak­ing, singing and storytelling.


The Christ­mas mar­ket at Schloss Dyck palace in Jüchen on the Lower Rhine of­fers a culin­ary is­land. On the or­angery half-is­land, vis­it­ors will be offered de­li­cious soups cooked from grandma?s re­cipes, along­side sea­son­al of­fers. Christ­mas bis­cuits, ?Stollen? Christ­mas cake and ?Hochzeits­brot? fruit cake, ?Tir­ol­er? bis­cuits and Itali­an spe­ci­al­it­ies, nou­gat from Provence and Eng­lish and far-East­ern tea are avail­able along­side the re­gion­al spe­ci­al­it­ies on of­fer.


In Mün­ster old town, the air will be filled with Christ­mas scents from five dif­fer­ent Christ­mas mar­kets from 25 Novem­ber to 22 Decem­ber 2019. In the Christ­mas vil­lage all around the ?Kiepen­kerl? monu­ment, there is something for any­one who loves West­phali­an spe­ci­al­it­ies. You can try kale or Mettwurst saus­age with West­phali­an schnapps.


In con­trast to the oth­er Christ­mas mar­kets, the Nikolaus­markt in Bed­burg Alt-Kaster does not run along the streets and squares of the his­tor­ic old town, but is held in the homes and court­yards of the loc­al res­id­ents. On 1 Decem­ber 2019, home-baked cakes and bis­cuits and home-made pro­duce of all kinds will be avail­able for sale.


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Süßes vom Engel auf dem Soester Weihnachtsmarkt, © Gero Sliwa
Weihnachtmarkt Schloss Loersfeld in Kerpen, © Rhein-Erft Tourismus
Bio-Nougat auf dem Markt der Heinzel in Köln, © Heinzels Wintermärchen Köln
Weihnachtsmarkt am Kiepenkerl-Denkmal in Münster, © www.airklick.de