domicil Dortmund, © Joehawkins


Top jazz in Dortmund

People often forget that for many decades, Dortmund has been one of the great jazz centres in the country. There are few cities where the passion for jazz began so early and where it has been sustained for so long as here, as the regular International Jazz Days in Dortmund show. Between 1949 and 1962, there was the Hot Club Dortmund, which became an important venue for many young jazz musicians throughout the region. It was followed in 1969 by domicil. Over its decades of existence, this cellar venue became one of the most important jazz clubs in Germany. If you look at the “domicil History” on the website, you’ll get goosebumps looking at the list of great artists who played here. The domicil also became a window in which the Ruhr region could experience the jazz acts from Wuppertal, Cologne or Berlin live on stage. A unique feature is the musical openness with which the operators of the club - which is now a public association - create the programme. Jazz, world music and avant-garde music form the focus, and there are also pop and rock performances and readings. As long as the act is interesting, there are no blinkers here. In 2005, the domicil moved from the Leopoldstrasse in the northern inner city to the city centre. The new domicil has two concert halls and is a fantastic venue for music fans. The experts are of the same opinion. The domicil has been selected as one of the best venues in the country. The highly respected US jazz magazine Down Beat regularly lists the domicil as one of the “100 best jazz venues worldwide”.

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