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Eat­ing urb­a­nana

The most de­li­cious places and events in town

The hun­ger for travel and the thirst for ex­per­i­ence have brought you to urb­a­nana. So now you would not only like to see Düs­sel­dorf, Co­logne and the Ruhr Area, but also taste them? Well then – wel­come to the stew of the west. Check out what Düs­sel­dorf-based Blog­ger Jenna and Sab­rina have tried so far.

Blogger Jenna and Sabrina know how to eat, drink and shop their ways through urbanana. Here is what they have tried so far:

Vegan is a new and vibrant cuisine with flavors that will zap your taste buds. Check out the Ruhr Region vegan restaurant guide:

It’s been more than a century since Gin has been a fan favorite, but 2017 marked a new milestone for gin lovers around the world. Check out how every tonic needs a Gin:

Cologne’s first stationary pop-up restaurant, where every two weeks, a new restaurant opens their doors for business. This means new waiters, new chef’s, new concepts and new food. Check out Laden ein the pop up restaurant:

Date night, family night, solo night… street food festivals are perfect for many occasions. Check out NRW's street food festivals:

Regardless of what meal of the day is your favorite, there’s no denying that an early morning breakfast before work gives you that perfect kickstart. Check out the yummiest breakfast joints in Aachen:

It’s time to break down that almighty term quite often used around North Rhine-Westphalia - Wegbier:

Have it all in one stop - go to Ehrenfeld, Cologne.Eat your way through the city's hidden champion:

Kiosks - Büdchen - Trinkhallen - no matter what you want to call them, they are cult and we don't want to miss them. Here is an ode to the Büdchen:

Make a conscious and sustainable decision and buy your groceries at package-free supermarkets. This is urbanana unwrapped: