E-Biker fahren am Rhein entlang, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Rid­ing e-bikes through NRW

Wheth­er com­fort­able or ath­let­ic, e-bikes are be­com­ing more and more pop­u­lar among cyc­lists. To en­sure that e-bike trips do not sud­denly come to an end, there is a map show­ing all char­ging points through­out Ger­many.

Watch­ing nature go by, feel­ing the wind blow on your face and al­ways keep­ing on the move - this all adds to the fas­cin­a­tion of cyc­ling. Yet when the first hilly stage comes up or when the route is longer than ex­pec­ted, a re­laxed dis­cov­ery tour on the saddle of a bi­cycle can eas­ily be­come ex­haust­ing. Rid­ing a bike with an elec­tric mo­tor en­ables older or less ex­per­i­enced cyc­lists to ex­per­i­ence pure cyc­ling fun as well. Many young people also en­joy the be­ne­fits of less sweaty and ex­haust­ing means of trans­port­a­tion by e-bike, es­pe­cially on steep­er sec­tions of their route.

Bike state NRW

North Rhine-West­phalia is ex­actly the right place for those who love to hike and ride their bike. With a 13,800 kilo­metre-long bike path net­work,which con­nects all cit­ies and vil­lages in the state with con­sist­ent sign post­ing, more than 500 bed & bike busi­nesses, and with nu­mer­ous ex­cel­lent bike paths, NRW is Ger­many's num­ber-one bike state. North Rhine-West­phalia is also top in terms of e-bikes: here, the best-de­veloped net­work of char­ging sta­tions in Ger­many can be found. The spe­cial thing about it is that the char­ging sta­tions are of­ten loc­ated at mu­seums, res­taur­ants or points of in­terest. In this way, while the bike is char­ging, you can com­fort­ably en­joy a cof­fee or see the sights. For those who are plan­ning a longer trip, there is a map of Ger­many in which all e-bike char­ging sta­tions are lis­ted. www.fahr­rad.de/e-bike-ladesta­tion­en

For those who prefer leav­ing route-plan­ning to oth­ers, spe­cially trained ?e-bike guides? oc­ca­sion­ally of­fer this ser­vice. They not only plan a suit­able route, but also share im­port­ant tips about cyc­ling with the aux­il­i­ary mo­tor with their guests.

Flat or hilly land­scape

Each re­gion in NRW has cycle routes that prom­ise a lot of fun, es­pe­cially by e-bike. In Sauer­land, it?s worth tak­ing a trip to Bigge­see, West­phali­a's largest wa­ter reser­voir, whilst the scen­ic beauty of Hal­len­berg makes cyc­lists? pulses race. Those look­ing for a chal­lenge should try the de­mand­ing tour of Bri­lon via the Alme-Rad­weg and the Kais­er­route:the idyll­ic Ringel­stein Forest of­fers shade in the sum­mer. For those who prefer hilly routes, the Eifel is the best place to use your e-bike. Re­gard­ing the land­scape of the low moun­tain range, it?s true that what goes down, must come back up. But those trav­el­ling by e-bike can eas­ily over­come these climbs. Bon vivants are in good hands in the Teuto­burg Forest. On the "Genuss-Route", e-bikers ex­per­i­ence a col­our­ful mix of nature and urb­an life. It leads along re­stored half-timbered houses and straight through nature re­serves. Tra­di­tion­al farm­house cafes of­fer a warm wel­come. Mün­ster­land will ex­ceed all ex­plorers? ex­pect­a­tions: cycle paths by the river, his­tor­ic town centres, an­cient le­gends or the most beau­ti­ful castles of the Mün­ster­land - Mün­ster­land of­fers a vari­ety of themed cycle routes. The Lower Rhine re­gion is par­tic­u­larly cyc­list-friendly with its flat land­scape. Yet those com­bat­ing head­wind should rely on an e-bike on their cycle rides. The Rhine Cycle Route is an es­pe­cially pop­u­lar route in the Lower Rhine re­gion: Along the Rhine, you can en­joy nat­ur­al land­scapes, met­ro­pol­ises and vi­brant in­dus­tri­al cit­ies.

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