E-Biker fahren am Rhein entlang, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Rid­ing e-bikes through NRW

Wheth­er com­fort­able or ath­let­ic, e-bikes are be­com­ing more and more pop­u­lar among cyc­lists. To en­sure that e-bike trips do not sud­denly come to an end, there is a map show­ing all char­ging points through­out Ger­many.

Watching nature go by, feeling the wind blow on your face and always keeping on the move - this all adds to the fascination of cycling. Yet when the first hilly stage comes up or when the route is longer than expected, a relaxed discovery tour on the saddle of a bicycle can easily become exhausting. Riding a bike with an electric motor enables older or less experienced cyclists to experience pure cycling fun as well. Many young people also enjoy the benefits of less sweaty and exhausting means of transportation by e-bike, especially on steeper sections of their route.

Bike state NRW

North Rhine-Westphalia is exactly the right place for those who love to hike and ride their bike. With a 13,800 kilometre-long bike path network,which connects all cities and villages in the state with consistent sign posting, more than 500 bed & bike businesses, and with numerous excellent bike paths, NRW is Germany's number-one bike state. North Rhine-Westphalia is also top in terms of e-bikes: here, the best-developed network of charging stations in Germany can be found. The special thing about it is that the charging stations are often located at museums, restaurants or points of interest. In this way, while the bike is charging, you can comfortably enjoy a coffee or see the sights. For those who are planning a longer trip, there is a map of Germany in which all e-bike charging stations are listed. www.fahrrad.de/e-bike-ladestationen

For those who prefer leaving route-planning to others, specially trained ‘e-bike guides’ occasionally offer this service. They not only plan a suitable route, but also share important tips about cycling with the auxiliary motor with their guests.

Flat or hilly landscape

Each region in NRW has cycle routes that promise a lot of fun, especially by e-bike. In Sauerland, it’s worth taking a trip to Biggesee, Westphalia's largest water reservoir, whilst the scenic beauty of Hallenberg makes cyclists’ pulses race. Those looking for a challenge should try the demanding tour of Brilon via the Alme-Radweg and the Kaiserroute:the idyllic Ringelstein Forest offers shade in the summer. For those who prefer hilly routes, the Eifel is the best place to use your e-bike. Regarding the landscape of the low mountain range, it’s true that what goes down, must come back up. But those travelling by e-bike can easily overcome these climbs. Bon vivants are in good hands in the Teutoburg Forest. On the "Genuss-Route", e-bikers experience a colourful mix of nature and urban life. It leads along restored half-timbered houses and straight through nature reserves. Traditional farmhouse cafes offer a warm welcome. Münsterland will exceed all explorers’ expectations: cycle paths by the river, historic town centres, ancient legends or the most beautiful castles of the Münsterland - Münsterland offers a variety of themed cycle routes. The Lower Rhine region is particularly cyclist-friendly with its flat landscape. Yet those combating headwind should rely on an e-bike on their cycle rides. The Rhine Cycle Route is an especially popular route in the Lower Rhine region: Along the Rhine, you can enjoy natural landscapes, metropolises and vibrant industrial cities.

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