The entrance to the Engelchen, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

En­gelchen (in­cl. Schaukel­stühlchen & EX-Q-Stall)

A bar in the beer­muda-tri­angle

Between all the former clubs, mythical pop history and legendary bands, it’s easy to forget that Düsseldorf has some great nightlife to offer. The first place to go is the Bermuda or Biermuda Triangle in the Düsseldorf old city. There are bars and pubs galore in the short streets, including the Engelchen, where you can hear the finest punk rock, the Schaukelstühlchen, which prefers crossover and hand-made rock, and the excellent live club The Tube, where techno, black music and house are played in the basement. For pop history fans, too, there is plenty on offer. While bar hopping, you can look for the former Q-Stall (building no. 3), which from 1993 onwards was the place to go for rockabilly and soul fans. Or you can wander the streets and imagine that most of the defining Düsseldorf bands of the 1980s and 90s got their dose of Altbier after a hard day’s work in the rehearsal room.

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