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EX-Bei Rain­er

all hell breaks loose bei Rain­er

The center of the Hagen subculture in the 80s (next to the Bermudadreieck [LINK]) is Wilhelmsplatz in the heart of the Wehringhausen district. The favorite place of the scene is the pub Bei Rainer, located directly on the square. Stefan Kleinkrieg of Extrabreit recounts: "On Sunday evenings all the bands came back from their weekend gigs, they met in the pub Bei Rainer and exchanged ideas. What kind of guitar and instruments do they have, how do they play it, now we buy ourselves the same equipment... that's how a kind of Hagen sound came into being." With the song "Bei Rainer ist die Hölle los", which only exists as an unironed demo version, Extrabreit set a monument to the pub. The house on the corner of Kottmannstraße and Bismarckstraße is currently being renovated. A pub is not planned, residential units with an attractive standard for investors are to be built. 

Further information
supposedly: Bismarckstraße 28 58089 Hagen Wilhelmsplatz