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Riff & Ro­tunde

Arena Konzert, © Raimond Spekking

Velt­ins Arena

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EX-Disco "Madis­on"

Nuc­le­us of the Nena band

In stag­ger­ing dis­tance to the Ber­muda Tri­angle [LINK] on the banks of the El­ber was the disco Madis­on. For the mu­sic and cul­ture scene of the early 80s, Ha­gen was the cent­ral place to go out, dance and make con­tacts. Here they met after the long days in the re­hears­al room. The bands knew the staff and the door­man, which saved money. Ex­trab­reit even man­aged to get their own shelf with their own whis­key bottles with name tags on it. The epi­tome of "man hat es geschafft". The Madis­on has be­come a pop his­tor­ic­al le­gend, be­cause it comes to a ground­break­ing dis­cov­ery here. The en­tour­age of the Ha­gen-based proto-punk band The Ram­blers is also a reg­u­lar guest at Madis­on. One even­ing Ram­blers-Road­ie Rain­er Kitzmann dis­cov­ers the dan­cing Gab­ri­ele Susanne Kern­er. He chooses her as the front wo­man of his band The Stripes. This band, which suc­ceeds in a few TV ap­pear­ances, be­comes the nuc­le­us of the Nena Band. And the former Ram­blers gui­tar­ist Carlo Karges writes the lyr­ics for them. In­clud­ing one of the greatest Ger­man hits of all time: "99 Luftbal­lons".

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El­ber­sufer, 54095 Ha­gen