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EX- Folk­club Wit­ten

Hilde­gard's Folk­house

Dur­ing the 1970s, Wit­ten be­came the most im­port­ant cen­ter for folk mu­sic in the re­gion. This as­ton­ish­ing de­vel­op­ment is linked to Hilde­gard Doeb­n­er. The highly com­mit­ted wid­ow in­her­ited half a house in Wit­ten, where young artists could meet and ex­change ideas. She also con­ver­ted the at­tic so that people could stay overnight there. In 1974, Doeb­n­er and oth­ers turned the house in­to the ?Folk­club Wit­ten?. With­in a short time, and for many years, it be­came a ma­jor meet­ing place for the up­com­ing folk scene in the Ruhr re­gion. Per­formers here in­cluded, Ly­die Auv­ray, Lieder­jan, Ju­li­an Dawson, Hannes Wader, Hanns Di­eter Hüsch, Jür­gen von der Lippe and Her­bert Gröne­mey­er (who was about 17 at the time). Open air events were also or­gan­ised. When Hilde­gard Doeb­n­er be­came ill in the mid-1990s, the scene lost its driv­ing force, and the activ­it­ies largely petered out. Many of the artists who took their first steps in Doeb­n­er?s folk club had by then be­come in­flu­en­tial mu­si­cians in Ger­many. In 2005, mu­sic fans in the town got to­geth­er to found the ?Wit­ten Folk? club. It keeps Hilde­gard Doeb­n­er?s memory alive and or­gan­ises con­certs and fest­ivals it­self, in­clud­ing the ?Folk am Montag? con­cert every third Monday of the month.

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Stein­straße 15, 58452 Wit­ten

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