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EX-Künst­ler WG B56

B56 – al­ways rad­ic­al. Nev­er con­sist­ent

Less than 500 metres from Wilhelmsplatz in Buscheystraße was the residential community B56. In the corridor, visitors were greeted by a large wall graffiti with the slogan: "B56 - Always radical. Never consistent". The 'regular crew' of the 7-room apartment included the music teacher and musician Gabi Lappen (whose band Kein Mensch! was the first Hagen band to be played by John Peel on BFBS in 1981), the performance artist Wolfgang Luther, the graphic artist, taxi driver and later front man of Extrabreit Kay Schlasse alias Kai Havaii and Jörg Hoppe. Hoppe, on the other hand, became the first Extrabreit manager, but above all the founder of the Punk and New Wave label Tonträger 58, named after the former Hagen postcode. This is where the central early sound carriers from the emerging Hagen scene appear.

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Buscheystrasse 56, 58089 Hagen