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domicil Dortmund, © Joehawkins


The logo of the Rotunde, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Riff & Ro­tunde

Arena Konzert, © Raimond Spekking

Velt­ins Arena

Djäzz Flyer, © Djäzz


The Die Horst-Schimanski-Gasse, © Jule Körber


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Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

EX-Künst­ler WG B56

B56 – al­ways rad­ic­al. Nev­er con­sist­ent

Less than 500 metres from Wil­helms­platz in Buschey­straße was the res­id­en­tial com­munity B56. In the cor­ridor, vis­it­ors were greeted by a large wall graf­fiti with the slo­gan: "B56 - Al­ways rad­ic­al. Nev­er con­sist­ent". The 'reg­u­lar crew' of the 7-room apart­ment in­cluded the mu­sic teach­er and mu­si­cian Gabi Lap­pen (whose band Kein Mensch! was the first Ha­gen band to be played by John Peel on BF­BS in 1981), the per­form­ance artist Wolfgang Luth­er, the graph­ic artist, taxi driver and later front man of Ex­trab­reit Kay Sch­lasse ali­as Kai Havaii and Jörg Hoppe. Hoppe, on the oth­er hand, be­came the first Ex­trab­reit man­ager, but above all the founder of the Punk and New Wave la­bel Ton­träger 58, named after the former Ha­gen post­code. This is where the cent­ral early sound car­ri­ers from the emer­ging Ha­gen scene ap­pear.

Fur­ther in­form­a­tion
Buschey­strasse 56, 58089 Ha­gen