The building of former Lovers Club, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

(Former) Lov­ers Club / (Former) Rave-Club

De­mi­monde meets hip­pies

What was Studio 54 in New York was the Lovers Club in Cologne. As one of the first discos in the city, the high society met here with the hippies and the characters of the demimonde. National stars, musicians and actors such as Udo Kier, Heiner Lauterbach and footballer Günter Netzer came and went as well as Jimi Hendrix or other superstars that visited the city. The hard hand of doorman "Der Lange Tünn", who is still on the road today as a city guide, was also famous in the city.

At the same place the Rave Club opened and became Cologne's first techno club (even before Berlin’s UFO or Frankfurt’s Omen).

Further information:
Hohenzollernring 97, 50672 Cologne

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