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EX-Neue Heimat

Good hair, good disco

Probably the most important unsung heroine in Hagen's pop history is Christa "Mausi" Dürholt. The attractive, assertive trained hairdresser is part of the Hagen subculture of the 80s. In the nucleus of the music scene - the flat-sharing community B 56 - she goes in and out and, occasionally, makes sure that the residents are given stylish 80s hairstyles. In 1981 she finally opened what was probably the most important discotheque of the Hagen mad years. "Neue Heimat" is the place where the latest New Wave songs can be heard by bands like DAF or Fehlfarben. The bands also like to play their demos to see how the scene reacts. In the "Neue Heimat" exchange takes place and contacts are made in the other cities of the country. Of course the Neu-Berliner Neonbabies (around Inga Humpe from Hagen) are allowed to perform here. Phillip Boa comes along, in the Ramblers' studio the recordings of Boas' first musical steps with the band "Erste weibliche Fleischergesellin nach 1945" are made. Gabi Lappen founds her band Kein Mensch! here, the first band from Hagen to be played by John Peel on BFBS. DJ Volker Britz forms the NDW combo X-Quadrat. If there's a melting pot for the scene in Hagen at the beginning of the 80s, it's Mausi Dürholt's "Neue Heimat". The discotheque only lasts a few months until it gets into financial difficulties and closes. 

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