(Ex-) Old Daddy Ober­hausen

Cel­lar chil­dren and quirks

In the darkness of the night it can get weird, in the Old Daddy in Oberhausen it became even more so. In a sympathetic, living room-like way. Metalheads, Punks and Gruftis danced close together or on all fours on the floor, if they had one too many. Quirky guests could live out their quirks here until the sun rose again and they had to leave the cellar. The discotheque was no longer a place to chat with the landlord and make expensive, urgent investments. When it was finally closed a remarkable 1500 visitors came to the supposedly last evening. The history of the "Daddy" was continued in Duisburg.

Further information
Steinbrinkstraße 221, 46145 Oberhausen