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EX-Pink Palace

A huge disco space that was open to all

The no-man?s land between the city centre and the rail­way tracks of­fers a non-main­stream im­pres­sion of Es­sen far away from the pop­u­lar shop­ping streets and the hip quarter. The corner of the Frohnhaus­er Strasse and Schwan­en­kamp­strasse streets is par­tic­u­larly un­spec­tac­u­lar. And yet this is a place of which many Es­sen­ers have their fond­est memor­ies. For many years, the ?Pink Palace? was loc­ated here. Like the Duis­burg Delta Mu­sik Park and the Tarm Cen­ter in Bo­chum, the Palace was a huge disco space that was open to all. As well as techno, chart hits and pop­u­lar tunes, this was nat­ur­ally also a ven­ue for Es­sen­ers? fa­vour­ite bands. For ex­ample, Black Sab­bath and Motör­head played le­gendary gigs here. Today, it is a fas­cin­at­ing ex­per­i­ence to stand on this street corner and look at pic­tures of the ?Pink Palace? on the In­ter­net. Nowhere else in Es­sen can you feel the fast pace of the pop present and pop his­tory so dir­ectly.

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Frohnhaus­er Straße / Schwan­en­kamp­str; 45127 Es­sen

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