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EX-Pink Palace

A huge disco space that was open to all

The no-man’s land between the city centre and the railway tracks offers a non-mainstream impression of Essen far away from the popular shopping streets and the hip quarter. The corner of the Frohnhauser Strasse and Schwanenkampstrasse streets is particularly unspectacular. And yet this is a place of which many Esseners have their fondest memories. For many years, the “Pink Palace” was located here. Like the Duisburg Delta Musik Park and the Tarm Center in Bochum, the Palace was a huge disco space that was open to all. As well as techno, chart hits and popular tunes, this was naturally also a venue for Esseners’ favourite bands. For example, Black Sabbath and Motörhead played legendary gigs here. Today, it is a fascinating experience to stand on this street corner and look at pictures of the “Pink Palace” on the Internet. Nowhere else in Essen can you feel the fast pace of the pop present and pop history so directly.

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Frohnhauser Straße / Schwanenkampstr; 45127 Essen