The former Unique Club, © Andreas Schiko

EX-Unique Club

The sex­i­est club in plushy red

From the Kurze Strasse, you pass building no. 9, where until just a few years ago, the favourite club of the Britpop fans of the city was housed, the Pretty Vacant. Today, the Cube offers all styles of hand-made guitar rock, sprinkled with a smattering of electronica. Further down the Mertensgasse, there’s Em Pöötzke, the oldest jazz bar in town. Finally, in the Bolkerstrasse, you can stop to wipe a tear from your eye. Until the mid-2000s, building no. 30 was home to the sexiest, most exciting club in the city. For eleven years, the Unique Club, headed by Henry Storch, who has recently died, celebrated music from all corners of the subculture world. Housed in a former strip club, the ceiling shimmered, the interior furnishings enticed visitors with their plushy red fabric, separées invited anyone who wanted to get physically close. Many music fans discovered new favourite styles thanks to the eclectic, undogmatic programme. The Northern Soul and Mod parties were particularly popular, which were lost in the charm of the sixties in a future-oriented and at the same time retrospective way. All this is wonderfully represented in Dahmen’s highly recommended commemorative book, “Fahrradmod”, in which he plays tribute to the Unique Club through drawings.

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Unique Club
Bolkerstr. 30, 40213 Düsseldorf