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(Former) Grün In

al­tern­at­ive com­munity of artists in the coun­tryside

In Gevelsberg-Silschede, 12 kilometres from Hagen, there was a residential community in the Grün In guesthouse at the end of the 1970s. The residents transformed the large farmhouse into a destination for alternative artists of all kinds. The people living in the commune included DAF musicians Wolfgang Spelmanns, Kurt Dahlke and drummer Robert Görl, as well as Michael Kemner, who later played with Fehlfarben and Mau Mau. At the Grün In, S.Y.P.H. with Ralf Dörper on guitar recorded their first demos. Here, in 1979, on a multi-track recording device, the first DAF album was recorded, as well as the début of (Mona Lisa’s) Materialschlacht Kinderfreundlich.

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58285 Gevelsberg