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(Former) Pappschachtel

The good ol' box

The cardboard box at the corner of De-la-Chevallerie Straße / Westerholter Straße was opened in 1977 and burnt down in 1982. It was the central youth cultural center in Gelsenkirchen. Here, for relatively little money, all the greats of the German music scene of the time could be experienced: BAP, Herbert Grönemeyer, Extrabereit and many more. As a subcultural place of communication, the cardboard box was also a thorn in the side of the local administration. Again and again there were conflicts about the volume or the unadapted program. Today there is an ordinary Gelsenkirchen street corner here, but it gives an impression of the location of the cardboard box in the middle of Gelsenkirchen-Buer.

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Ecke De-la-Chevallerie Straße / Westerholter Straße 45894 Gelsenkirchen