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(Former) Tarm Cen­ter

Bathing in laser­lights

There are some dis­cotheques where just the men­tion of the name sets off im­ages in your head and where your feet itch to dance. The ?Dschun­gel? in Ber­lin, the ?Lov­ers Club? in Co­logne and the chic ?P1? in Mu­nich are just some of them. They in­clude - and cer­tainly not at the bot­tom of the list - the Tarm Centre in Bo­chum. From 1986 to 2003, this disco on the ?Rom­bach­er Hütte? in­dus­tri­al site was one of the most ex­cit­ing places in West Ger­many. Opened by Rüdi­ger Müller, a tech­no­logy nerd of the first or­der, and with DJs such as ATB and Caba Kroll as res­id­ents, it be­came a mod­el for club cul­ture through­out Europe. In­nov­at­ive sound tech­no­logy, sev­er­al floors, di­verse beats, an in­teg­rated res­taur­ant and a huge out­door area with a swim­ming pool set stand­ards that were hard to beat. Above all, how­ever, dan­cers bathed in fas­cin­at­ing laser light shows that were un­par­alleled any­where else. They were de­veloped by Rüdi­ger Müller, who tried them out and per­fec­ted them at the ?TAO? . That?s where the strange name for this disco came from. Tarm stands for ?Tech­nis­che Ak­ustik Rüdi­ger Müller?.

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Rom­bach­er Hütte 6-10, 44795 Bo­chum

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