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(Former) Tarm Cen­ter

Bathing in laser­lights

There are some discotheques where just the mention of the name sets off images in your head and where your feet itch to dance. The “Dschungel” in Berlin, the “Lovers Club” in Cologne and the chic “P1” in Munich are just some of them. They include - and certainly not at the bottom of the list - the Tarm Centre in Bochum. From 1986 to 2003, this disco on the “Rombacher Hütte” industrial site was one of the most exciting places in West Germany. Opened by Rüdiger Müller, a technology nerd of the first order, and with DJs such as ATB and Caba Kroll as residents, it became a model for club culture throughout Europe. Innovative sound technology, several floors, diverse beats, an integrated restaurant and a huge outdoor area with a swimming pool set standards that were hard to beat. Above all, however, dancers bathed in fascinating laser light shows that were unparalleled anywhere else. They were developed by Rüdiger Müller, who tried them out and perfected them at the “TAO” . That’s where the strange name for this disco came from. Tarm stands for “Technische Akustik Rüdiger Müller”.

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Rombacher Hütte 6-10, 44795 Bochum