The streetview of Hallmackenreuter, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


Eu­pho­ni­ous and look­ing great

The Hallmackenreuther directly on Brussels Square is one of the places whose history is not visible at first glance. And certainly not right now, where a dispute between the owner (the former BAP bassist Stephan Kriegeskorte) and the tenant has led to a closure of the site.

In 1990, the musician and a partner opened the bar in the center of Cologne. Due to the proximity to the Cologne music scene but also due to the central location and the special interior decoration, the Hallmackenreuther developed into a meeting place for Cologne night owls. And since the bar had already been open during the day, you could start the evening here and make the Hallmackenreuther a springboard for a long night.

The popularity of the bar promoted the development of Brussels Square to the city's nightlife area. Throughout history, Hallmackenreuther has always been a place for culture. There were film meetings, concerts by local bands like Clueso and Klee, as well as filming and TV series. Aftershow parties took place as well as raves in the basement of the bar. In the mid-90s, when the "Sound of Cologne" developed around the Brussels square, the Hallmackenreuther became one of the scene's favorite bars. In particular, the crew of the "Whirlpool Productions", who, as legend has it, were founded in Hallmackenreuther, had their home here.

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Brussels Square 9, 50674 Cologne


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