The Hans Sachs Haus is Gelsenkirchens city hall, © Jule Körber

Hans Sachs Haus (Stadthalle)

Gelsen­kirchen's Cul­tur­al, Polit­ic­al and So­cial Cen­ter

The Hans Sachs House was built between1924 and 1927 by the Es­sen ar­chi­tect Al­fred Fisc­her and named after the Meister­sing­er Hans Sachs. Ori­gin­ally it housed a con­cert hall with the largest pre­served late ro­mantic con­cert or­gan in Europe, a Wal­ck­er or­gan with 92 re­gisters. However, it was stored for the new con­struc­tion and left to a church in 2017. Today the Hans-Sachs Haus is a mul­ti­func­tion­al event space for a wide vari­ety of formats such as con­certs, cab­aret, art in­stall­a­tions and con­fer­ences. Un­til 26 May 2019, the at­ri­um of the Hans-Sachs-Haus will be trans­formed in­to a con­cert hall and will host the Sunday con­cert, which will fo­cus on Moz­art and take the audi­ence on a jour­ney through time and space. Small to me­di­um sym­phon­ic en­sembles set the tone here and of­fer a multi-fa­ceted Moz­art sound that is some­where between clas­sic­al, jazz, Balkan and pop mu­sic.

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Ebertstraße 11, 45879 Gelsen­kirchen

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The Hans Sachs Haus is Gelsenkirchens city hall, © Jule Körber
Hans Sachs Haus (Stadthalle), © Tourismus NRW e.V.
Hans Sachs Flyer, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

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