Streetview of Helios Leuchtturm, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

He­lios Leucht­turm

There's a light­house in Co­logne...

In Ehrenfeld, life revolves around a 44-metre high tower. The tower itself is a well-preserved industrial monument, and not an event location, but around it, there’s plenty going on. The tower is almost always in view. From the Underground, which has since been demolished, to the Orchester Concerto Köln and the Zentrum für Alte Musik (Centre for Early Music), to the former Design Quarter of Ehrenfeld with its numerous exhibitions, the Stapelbar and the legendary music store run by Uli Kurtinats, you can walk around the tower, which is lit up at night, and find an entire world there. During the early days of electrical engineering, Helios AG worked with electric light and the construction of telegraph systems. It was only several years later that Ehrenfeld officially became part of Cologne. Among other products, the signal technology for the 20 beacons along the North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal were supplied by Helios. The tower itself was a symbol of the company, and was used as a test beacon. Today, there is a diverse (and constantly threatened) subculture all around the tower, which is a bright cultural beacon in itself. Civic initiatives are fighting to ensure that the quarter is used for a suitable purpose. Within walking distance of the tower, you’ll find the Live Music Hall, the Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld and the Bariton, a small bar that hosts numerous jazz, funk, soul and blues concerts.

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Heliosstraße 2, 50825 Cologne


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