Le Bloc Köln, © (c) Georg Hopp alias Fänger der Zeit

hid­den co­logne-urb­a­nana

Co­logne is hid­ing

Hid­den Co­logne might not go ex­actly where it hurts

Away from the sur­face, how­ever, it does take us un­der­ground in­to the depths of design, mu­sic and cuisine. A magazine en­tirely to our taste, which val­ues ques­tion­able façades and the sur­pris­ing fa­cets be­hind them. Con­nois­seurs from among the Köl­ner Stadtre­vue pub­lish the second edi­tion of the Eng­lish-lan­guage magazine in 2018.

The head­ings of dance, drinks and sur­prises do not just rep­res­ent the usu­al sus­pects. The ed­it­ors know what?s worth see­ing be­hind the Dome between 2-3 am just as much as how good those pastries from the of­ten un­der­rated Schmelztiegel Kalk taste. 

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