Le Bloc Köln, © (c) Georg Hopp alias Fänger der Zeit

hid­den co­logne-urb­a­nana

Co­logne is hid­ing

Hid­den Co­logne might not go ex­actly where it hurts

Away from the surface, however, it does take us underground into the depths of design, music and cuisine. A magazine entirely to our taste, which values questionable façades and the surprising facets behind them. Connoisseurs from among the Kölner Stadtrevue publish the second edition of the English-language magazine in 2018.

The headings of dance, drinks and surprises do not just represent the usual suspects. The editors know what’s worth seeing behind the Dome between 2-3 am just as much as how good those pastries from the often underrated Schmelztiegel Kalk taste. 

Order your magazine here: www.nrw-tourismus.de/prospekte
Check out the online version here: www.hiddencologne.de