clothing rack yard sale, © Sabrina Schmidt

Hof­flohmärkte in #urb­a­nana

One Man's Trash is An­oth­er Man's Treas­ure!

Get a be­hind-the-scenes view on the dis­tricts in #urb­a­nana. The Hof­flohmärkte com­bine the best of a fleamar­ket at­mo­sphere and court­yard ro­mances while be­ing sus­tain­able.

The Hofflohmarkt season in Germany has kicked off. “Hofflohmarkt?”- you ask? It is the German equivalent of American garage sales and pretty much self-explanatory. A city’s district opens up their usually hidden and locked up courtyards to neighbors, visitors and urban explorers. The event host Hofflohmärkte creates a map of everyone involved so you know where to find those hidden gems. Not only does this offer a glimpse to all those beautiful courtyards the city has to offer, but also the chance to find long lost treasures or bric-a-brac you didn’t even know you needed so badly but cannot live without any longer. Locals get to know their neighbors and visitors get a first hand behind the scenes insight into new districts.

Each of the courtyards creates its own kind of unique fleamarket. The neighbors get together to welcome excited visitors. The variety of treasures is broad raging from a hall full of antiques, kayaks and paintings to the usual stash of books and clothes for young and old, toys, vinyl, old pots and pans, monkeys who blow dry your nail polish, or even a comprehensive selection of coffee mugs collected in cities all over the world. Some offer coffee with waffles and cakes, others put sausages on the grill, it is a happy get-together that unites locals and visitors alike.

While walking through Friedrichstadt from one spot on the map to another, people take a quick pause at Lina’s cozy little corner café, come across street art on the Bilker Allee or on the Fürstenplatz, grab some ice cream to-go at Ice café Belluno or stop for a little chat with other visitors to lead the way to the next destination. Thus being utterly mesmerized by the fact how many beautiful courtyards are hidden away in the back of otherwise inconspicuous houses.

This year marks the beginning of the Hofflohmärkte in Düsseldorf, but it has already been a successful event in other #urbanana destinations such as Cologne, Dortmund and Essen. So no matter where your weekend explorations in the regions take you, there will sure be a Hofflohmarkt somewhere to check out. So pack your tote bags and find that treasure you have been looking for so long!

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Streetart on the Fürstenplatz in Friedrichstadt, © Sabrina Schmidt
all kinds of bric-a-brac on the Hofflohmarkt, © Sabrina Schmidt
Streetart on the Bilker Allee in Friedrichstadt, © Sabrina Schmidt
entrance to the Hofflohmarkt in Friedrichstadt, © Sabrina Schmidt

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