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Idi­ots Re­cords

Nobody's fool

The Idiots, with frontman Sir Hannes Schmidt, is one of the oldest and long-lasting punk formations in the country. The band was formed in 1978, and in 1984 released its excellent début album, “They call us: The Idiots”. Sir Hannes Schmidt also played in the bands Phantoms of the Future and Honigdieb, sometimes very successfully. In the Rheinische Strasse, where you’ll find Dortmund’s record paradise, he has also been running the Idiots Records store for over 30 years now. Metal, indie, and of course above all punk, dominate the range on sale. The shop is stuffed full of records from floor to ceiling, as well as accessories including T-shirts, posters, badges, pins and much more. Here, anyone asking for Justin Bieber should be prepared to take the consequences. However, customers looking for anything beyond the mainstream will feel at home here.

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Rheinische Str. 14, 44137 Dortmund