Ruhr area Duisburg landscape park panorama sun, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

In­dus­tri­al nature in NRW

New life on old dis­used sites

Plants and an­im­als have re­conquered former col­li­ery sites and oth­er dis­used in­dus­tri­al areas in the Ruhr re­gion. Rare spe­cies, col­our­ful flowers and strange growth habits are wait­ing to be dis­covered - from the exot­ic to the long-es­tab­lished.

Up and down in the Ruhr area

Are the fur­naces block­ing your view of the Ruhr area? No prob­lem, thanks to the many slag heaps and view­ing plat­forms. Once you reach the top, you can en­joy broad views onto the ex­cit­ing in­dus­tri­al land­scape.

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North Duis­burg Land­scape Park

North Duis­burg Land­scape Park is one of the Ruhr Area’s most icon­ic in­dus­tri­al her­it­age monu­ments, now trans­formed in­to a leis­ure park for the whole fam­ily.

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Haus Rip­shorst in Ober­hausen

Dis­cov­er the nature of the Ruhr Area! Leav­ing the his­tor­ic man­or house of Haus Rip­shorst you will enter the Em­scher Land­scape Park and tread the “From the primev­al forest to the cul­tur­al forest” path.

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Geo­Park Ruhrge­biet

Dis­cov­er the world’s first geo­park in a con­urba­tion and learn how rocks and soil in­flu­ence our lives in Geo­Park Ruhrge­biet.

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Slag heap-hill-hop­ping

Twelve themed routes con­nect nat­ur­al el­ev­a­tions with ar­ti­fi­cial slag heaps. As well as great views, they also of­fer nar­ra­tion sta­tions, with in­form­a­tion on sub­jects such as min­ing and struc­tur­al change, cit­ies and people, as well as in­dus­tri­al nature.

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