LADEN EIN introduced Cologne’s first stationary pop-up restaurant, where every two weeks, a new restaurant opens their doors for business., © Visual Hunt

LADEN EIN The Pop-Up Res­taur­ant

In­tro­du­cing the res­taur­ant shar­ing concept

LADEN EIN in­tro­duced Co­logne’s first sta­tion­ary pop-up res­taur­ant, where every two weeks, a new res­taur­ant opens their doors for busi­ness. This means new waiters, new chef’s, new con­cepts and new food!

If there is one thing locals tend to notice about new expats in a city, it’s that their sense of exploration is impeccable. We are tourists in a sense, exploring every inch of the city before we slow down. As an expat myself, I always try and visit one new place every week, whether that be a new cafe, restaurant or museum.

But what if you didn’t have to explore? What if something new came to you every couple of weeks?

This is exactly what LADEN EIN has done at their location on Blumenthalstraße in Cologne.


What is LADEN EIN?

LADEN EIN introduced Cologne’s first stationary pop-up restaurant, where every two weeks, a new restaurant opens their doors for business.

This means new waiter's, new chef’s, new concepts and new food!

LADEN EIN takes extra care in selecting the right restaurant features which include vibrant dishes from across the world. They mix up flavors, cuisines, and styles of cooking to bring their customers something new and exciting every two weeks.


What is Restaurant Sharing?

You’ve heard of house sharing (Airbnb), you’ve heard of office space sharing (coworking spaces) and you’ve heard of movie sharing (Netflix), so why not share restaurants?

The restaurant sharing concept has been designed to allow self-employed and freelance chefs to fulfill their dreams of owning their own restaurant (even if just for a couple weeks). It allows restaurant dreamers to test out their skills in the kitchen and get their name out there. It also gives people the chance to test out the Cologne restaurant scene and see how their dishes take to the test. You can be a hobby chef, a restaurant blogger, a foodie or a street vendor owner. Anyone can run their own restaurant at LADEN EIN, as long as their food is different and delicious. But, what’s the one thing that always stays the same? The food served at LADEN EIN is always freshly prepared in front of your eyes so you can learn and enjoy all your senses every time you dine.


Guests at LADEN EIN so far


FUTTERFLOTTE is serving delicious and unique gourmet sandwiches. From their classics such as cheese steak sandwiches to some more wild mix-ups like melted cheddar, sweet onion bacon jam, there is loads to choose from. There are a variety of vegetarian options and a few special dessert options on the menu as well.


MASHERY HUMMUS KITCHEN is serving up authentic middle eastern cuisine with a huge focus on (can you guess?) hummus! Some of their dishes include homemade green falafel, roasted cauliflower, baked eggplant and fried mushrooms. Don’t forget to ask for hot lemon garlic sauce and warm pita bread on the side.


Looking for more information?

If you’re interested in visiting LADEN EIN, you might need some contact details. At the moment, LADEN EIN is not accepting reservations. There are approximately 40 seats and standing tables including outdoor dining.

Current chefs and their tasty products are listed on the LADEN EIN Website: www.laden-ein.com

Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf


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