The entrance of King Georg, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

King Georg

The king of dives

The Ebertplatz square in Cologne is one of the most dreadful architectural sites in the city. It is a memorable and terrible example of how neglect and poor urban planning can create a place of misery par excellence. Even so, it’s worth paying a visit to this district to the north of the city centre. Not only because committed creatives are trying to invigorate the place culturally, often against the resistance of the local authority, but also because one of the side streets is home to the King Georg.

From the outside, this tiny club looks rather unimpressive. The oversized, illuminated sign outside gives it the appearance of a run-down dive rather than one of the hippest electro and live clubs in the city. The thick door with a peephole, that looks as though it’s come straight out of a bad American movie, may be disconcerting. However, once you get inside, you find yourself in a red-plushy paradise, which still shows signs everywhere of its former use as a red-light district bar. The over-long bar was a place where lonely men and easy women could meet. On the dance floor surrounded by reflective surfaces, you could watch yourself in the mirrors. The darkened separées all around the dance floor were places for observation. It’s hard to imagine that here, in this small, narrow club, it has been possible to stage concerts by international stars such as Mac DeMarco, War on Drugs and Thurston Moore. However, a glance at the programme of the King Georg (which incidentally also offers unusual accommodation options in individually designed apartments) is enough proof that here, the best bookers in town are at work. If you can make it, a night in the King Georg is an experience not to be missed.


Further information:
Sudermannstr. 2, 50670 Cologne

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