The atmosphere at Kreuzherreneck, © Markus Luigs


Without any knick­knacks

Since 1954, the Kreuzherreneck has been a bar without frills. Here, you’ll find authentic bar conversations, wobbly bar stools, cold beer and large quantities of schnapps. While you try a Salmiakki (to be taken with caution), you can take a break and get a feel for Düsseldorf’s jazz history. Here in the Ratinger Strasse, the wild jazz heart of the city used to beat during the 1950s. At that time, the Kreuzherreneck was still called “Bobby” after its owner, and attracted students from the Kunstakademie nearby along with their professors, as well as musicians and life artists. The food and drink consisted of low-price beer and the comparatively dirt cheap lard bread. While the Kreuzherreneck lost its status as a hip bar when the rock’n’roll, beat and rock eras arrived, it still hosts interesting concerts. When you visit the bar, you notice how close it is to the old city, and yet how far away it feels. Perhaps it’s this location that ensured that, at the end of the 1970s, within sight of the Kreuzherreneck, the Ratinger Hof became a hotspot for subculture and the punk scene.

Further Information:
Altestadt 14, 40213 Düsseldorf

The bar at Kreuzherreneck, © Markus Luigs