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the first step on the ca­reer lad­der

Be­fore Ha­gen be­came the NDW strong­hold, the city was already an ex­cit­ing live mu­sic city in the 1960s. As every­where in the Ruhr area, for ex­ample in Gelsen­kirchen [LINK ZU TEM­PEL] or Reck­ling­hausen [LINK ZU VESTLAND­HALLE], a real beat mania breaks out in Ha­gen. The loc­al youth cen­ter "Kulto­pia" (formerly: Ju­gendzen­trum Buschey) is of par­tic­u­lar im­port­ance for this. Here the many bands of the city can per­form at the be­gin­ning of their jour­ney and try them­selves out. The scene com­petes for the few luc­rat­ive gigs. It's about which band can play the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or the Kinks best. Pro­du­cer and mu­si­cian Eroc re­mem­bers: "Back then you could­n't just play what you wanted, you had to re­play the charts. And who­ever could play them best was the one who was hip. Of course, it took a tre­mend­ous amount of di­li­gence. You had to cre­ate everything with total pre­ci­sion. In the 60s you had to be bet­ter than every­one else." At the end of the 60s some of the bands star­ted to break away from re­play­ing and to de­vel­op their own songs. Above all, Eroc's Grob­schnitt be­came Ha­gen's most im­port­ant band in the course of the 70s. The ex­pans­ive, ex­per­i­ment­al pieces of the band and the wild live show can hardly be real­ized in pubs any­more. Youth centres like the "Kulto­pia" be­come im­port­ant ven­ues be­fore the suc­cess leads the band in­to the big halls all over the coun­try. Even today the "Kulto­pia" is in­dis­pens­able for the loc­al scene. Here con­certs take place in the areas of punk, al­tern­at­ive and met­al, but also so­cial com­mit­ment. To­geth­er with the na­tion­ally known so­cio-cul­tur­al cul­tur­al cen­ter Pelmke, also in Wehring­hausen, the "Kulto­pia" is the place in the city where you can ex­per­i­ence un­usu­al and ex­cit­ing sub­cul­tures today.

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Konkor­di­as­traße 23-25, 58095 Ha­gen