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Kul­turzen­trum Bahnhof Lan­gend­reer/ Zwis­chen­fall

Bot­tom pub, top disco

The dis­trict of Bo­chum-Lan­gend­reer is pretty bleak. That?s ex­actly why it?s a place for everything crazy and ex­per­i­ment­al. For ex­ample, in the Bahnhof Lan­gend­reer cul­ture centre, which as a so­cio-cul­tur­al centre links cul­ture with so­cial polit­ic­al sub­jects, and which has offered live mu­sic, polit­ic­al cab­aret, cinema, read­ings, com­edy and small-scale art as well as parties for over 30 years. In­teg­ra­tion activ­it­ies, an open at­ti­tude to­wards gays and les­bi­ans and a self-ad­min­is­trat­ing struc­ture make the centre stand out. One S-Bahn (over­ground train) sta­tion away, you?ll find a build­ing site where a stu­dent res­id­ence is be­ing built. Un­til 2011, this was the site of the Zwis­chen­fall. From the time it opened in the mid-1980s, this un­usu­al ven­ue - bar down­stairs, disco up­stairs, a stair­case for sit­ting on and everything per­man­ently plunged in dark­ness - be­came the most im­port­ant meet­ing point for the ?black scene?. Parts of the un­der­ground film ?Kinder der Nacht? (?Chil­dren of the Night?) were filmed here, and fet­ish and BDSM parties were also well known, which were sur­pris­ingly com­pat­ible with the dark mu­sic of the Goth­ic Dark Wave and Goth scene. Thanks in part to the Zwis­chen­fall as a meet­ing point for the scene, these sub-cul­tures de­veloped par­tic­u­larly strongly in the Ruhr re­gion. If you keep your eyes open, you can re­live the spir­it of this cult place for Goths with ?Zwis­chen­fall re­viv­al parties? held every so of­ten in the Bahnhof Lan­gend­reer cul­ture centre.

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Wall­baum­weg 108, 44894 Bo­chum

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