Marlene, © Marlene Bar

Mar­lene Bar

late but nice

There’s no point even coming near the door of the Marlene Bar before 10 pm. Here, the night starts late, although this means that the bar never closes before 5 in the morning. The Marlene Bar in the middle of the Unionsviertel district is one of the most fashionable, stylish bars in the city. Here, you’ll find not only delicious drinks and friendly guests, but also a large number of beautiful, small design ideas. The vivid “Marlene” image that hangs over the bar is a spectacle in itself, as is the colourfully tiled dancefloor wall. Graffiti, sayings and other decorative surprises give the bar a particular kind of charm. The men’s toilets, which give the name “Dortmund” (“there mouth”) a whole new meaning, are also well-known throughout the city. We won’t divulge any more here.

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Humboldtstraße 1, 44137 Dortmund


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Marlene, © Marlene Bar
Mens Room, © Marlene Bar
Fire, © Marlene Bar
No Reality, © Marlene Bar