The Matthäuskirche Buer-Middelich, © Jule Körber

Mat­thäuskirche Buer-Mid­de­lich

The ori­gin of beat

The red-brick build­ing hid­den be­hind trees, with ist de­tached, squared bell tower can only be iden­ti­fied as a church at second glance. You can spot a few little com­mon rooms in the rear part while walk­ing around the, at the time, ar­chi­tec­tur­ally bold prot­est­ant church, which was in­aug­ur­ated in 1960. This is where the ?Temple? was loc­ated in the mid 1960s. Skiffle and the beat of Liv­er­pool, which emerged from that, were skip­ping over the Ham­burg Reep­er­bahn and in­to the re­motest corners of the coun­try at the be­gin­ning of the 1960s. Sud­denly, young people all over grabbed in­stru­ments and star­ted bands, which were sup­posed to sound like the Beatles, the Stones or the Kinks. Ded­ic­ated church­men fre­quently provided sup­port. Pas­tor Wich­mann in Gelsen­kirchen-Buer, for in­stance, who turned the youth and com­mon room un­der the church in­to a meet­ing point and place for re­cre­ation, as a res­ult of the youth ri­ots in the late 1950s. In do­ing so he agreed with the youth pro­tect­ive ser­vices, who as­sessed the vir­tu­ous Skiffle- and Beat-mu­sic-mak­ing (as op­pose to the mangy Rock ?n? Roll) as an activ­ity against ju­ven­ile crimes worthy of sup­port. There­fore, the premises of the Mat­thäuskirche be­came one of the first ven­ues for beat bands who came about in the en­tire Ruhr area. All this en­sured, that the re­mote loc­a­tion in Gelsen­kirchen-Buer be­came a hub for the beat-move­ment with up to 1,500 bands. The church was giv­en the nick­name ?Tem­pel? (=temple) by the scene that de­veloped.

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Cranger Straße 81, 45891 Buer-Mid­de­lich

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