Sauerland Medebacher Bucht , © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Medebach Bay in Sauer­land

Vis­it the “Tuscany of Sauer­land”

Why ven­ture to for­eign lands when you have all this on your door­step? Mild tem­per­at­ures, abund­ant sun­shine and idyll­ic coun­tryside draw vis­it­ors to the “Tuscany of Sauer­land”.

The borderlands of Sauerland are characterised by the gently undulating hills of Medebach Bay. Compared to the rest of Sauerland, the climate here is usually mild with relatively little rainfall and above-average sunshine – so it is easy to see why the area around Medebach is often compared to the Italian region of Tuscany. Locals and visitors alike are so captivated by the climate and stunning landscape that it begs the question: why venture to foreign lands when you have all this on your doorstep?

While the area’s geographical isolation, poor soil and low rainfall were causes for concern in earlier times, because a lack of agricultural land meant a lack of prosperity, these factors are very much in Medebach Bay’s favour today. The natural environment is appreciated much more nowadays: flower meadows, pastures, field gardens and colourful path margins create an idyllic landscape for holiday-makers. The region is home to many different species of flora and fauna, and rare birds can be spotted in the Medebach Bay bird sanctuary.

A paradise for bird-lovers and active holiday-makers

Thorny rose, whitethorn or sloe hedges provide a protective habitat for rare bird species like the red-backed shrike or the white throat. The birds also breed here as their nests are sheltered from the wind and rain from which even the Tuscany of Sauerland is not immune. Other bird species like the rare whinchat or the skylark prefer to nest in the expansive meadows of the Nuhne valley. Early summer is the best time to watch the birds in their natural habitat. And it is even possible to get a bird’s eye view: a five-metre-high treehouse provides sweeping views of the Nuhne meadows. The look-out point is on the Nuhnewiesen-Weg route, one of four nature trails which traverse Medebach Bay without disturbing plants and wildlife.

Active visitors can discover Medebach Bay by choosing from the wide selection of hiking and cycle paths as well as Nordic walking routes. There is also the Medebacher Bergweg (Medebach Mountain Trail) – a certified quality hiking trail covering a distance of 64 kilometres through unspoilt countryside. Reaching altitudes of up to 790 metres, the region around Medebach is also a popular winter holiday destination and an official part of the Wintersport-Arena Sauerland ski resort. The temperatures may not be as mild as in summer, but cross-country and downhill skiers and tobogganers certainly don’t complain!

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Naturweg Heide Medebach, © Medebach Touristik
Aussicht auf die Medebacher Bucht, © Medebach Touristik - Oliver Brachat
Sonnenuntergang den Bergweg, © Medebach Touristik - Oliver Brachat
Wandern am Medebacher Bergweg, © Medebach Touristik

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