KunstWerk Köln, © Jan Dimog / The Link

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#urbanana turned upside down

Sauntering, photographing, discussing... In the urban jungle of the west, Moleskine and Mac count for more than a machete. Here, you can read what they have discovered and celebrated in #urbanana.

Urban CGN blog

If there’s one thing in Cologne that is holy, it’s the kiosk. However, eating and drinking are becoming more of a feature at street food markets, alongside huge murals, and are a popular destination after a stroll through the trendy district with a high density of owner-managed shops.  For more information, and for more tips that you won’t find in any guidebook, go to this blog: https://blog.koelntourismus.de/

The Link

Any coffee left? The Berlin architecture magazine The Link pays a visit to #urbanana and takes a close look. On its architecture road trip through North Rhine-Westphalia, the magazine discovers and rediscovers the sacred and the visionary, the provincial and the industrial. The result is photo essays, interviews and texts on the strange features of daily architectural life. For more, go to: thelink.berlin.

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