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Once upon a time there was a private col­lec­tion

North Rhine-West­phalia is without doubt one of the most im­port­ant mu­sic­al centres in Ger­many. From clas­sic to the mod­ern age, nu­mer­ous well-known artists, com­posers and en­sembles from the ser­i­ous and en­ter­tain­ment mu­sic sec­tors have lived and worked here. The fed­er­al state is also home to mu­sic in­dustry com­pan­ies. Train­ing in­sti­tu­tions have at­trac­ted artists, teach­ers and stu­dents. Stu­di­os, pub­lish­ers and im­port­ant con­cert ven­ues have con­trib­uted that an in­cred­ibly di­verse mu­sic scene has be­come es­tab­lished here.

Ori­gin­at­ing from the private col­lec­tion of its cur­rent head, Mat­thi­as Schu­mach­er, the Mu­sikarchiv NRW has now col­lec­ted over 150,000 in­di­vidu­al items. These in­clude the be­quests of Günter Noris, Richard Bargel, the Co­logne rock le­gend Zeltinger, and also archive ma­ter­i­al from the his­tory of the Base­ment. The archive is a mu­seum and a place for re­search in equal meas­ure. There are no reg­u­lar open­ing hours. However, Mat­thi­as Schu­mach­er is al­ways happy to open the door to the archive on re­quest for any­one who is in­ter­ested.

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Maar­weg 136, 50825 Co­logne


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Nina Hagen live at the Beethovenhalle Bonn (1992), © Musikarchiv NRW
Melissa Etheridgelive at Zeche Bochum (1990s), © Musikarchiv NRW
Mark Alman live at the Zeche Bochum (1990s), © Musikarchiv NRW
Carmel live in the Zeche Bochum (1990s), © Musikarchiv NRW

All Pop-Spots of Co­logne