The streetview of Musiktheater im Revier, © Jule Körber

Mu­siktheat­er im Re­vi­er

Who sits in the glass­house should throw sounds

The open glass box construction has just been awarded the title of "Big Beautiful Building" and in fact there is probably little post-war architecture that would sweep away all prejudices more effectively than Werner Ruhnau's masterpiece with its egalitarian concept, its transparent elegance and the symbiosis of art and building. If the exterior of the interior is dominated by the eye-catcher, the wall-high sponge surfaces in "Gelsenkirchen Blue" by Yves Klein, the stage space is functional. Full concentration for the music and for the theatre. Whereby the music stands here in the foreground, because despite all church tower thinking one has committed oneself in Gelsenkirchen and Bochum to the division: Opera, musical, music theatre, ballet in Gelsenkirchen - the very big stage in Bochum. Heavy food and light muse exist in Gelsenkirchen in cheerful harmony, supported by a flexible ensemble and a highly committed extra choir. However, the house rarely makes it into the pop scene, but is currently particularly popular: Steampunk opera experiments with the band Coppelius.

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Kennedypl., 45881 Gelsenkirchen